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Ciklum’s Support Centre delivers efficient and timely customer and technical support. We can either support the efforts of your existing in-house team or provide a complete turnkey support solution.

Ciklum’s support personnel serve your customers in a friendly and professional manner: we respond to customer queries and resolve issues quickly.


  • Businesses with a customer-centred approach who aim to deliver an outstanding customer service

  • Companies that need to establish a fully operational support centre

  • Firms that want to enhance the in-house support team

  • Businesses that require additional technical expertise and industry-specific skills

  • Companies who wish to establish customer support for their website

WITH Support Centre YOU WILL GET:

Up to 50% costs reduction

Using our services, you save on recruiting and training expensive in-house resources for your business

Higher customer loyalty

Satisfied customers lead to repeat business, while failure to solve problems in a timely and effective way is the top reason for customers leaving. Ciklum support services deliver an efficient support service that exceeds customer expectations and builds loyalty

Efficient management of your in-house team’s work-load

A peak in customer enquiries takes a toll on your in-house support team. Ciklum Support Centre services are there to back you up whenever they are needed


  • Ciklum experts deliver different channels of support: phone, emails, live chat. We group our support experts to process all incoming support requests effectively and on time

  • Our top-class technical assistance enables your in-house team to focus on development, bug-fixing, consulting and other essential tasks. To ensure a rapid and qualified technical support, we can use your existing knowledge base or we can create one for you

  • Our support system expertise include ticketing, phone system, desktop remote control, reporting

Increase customers’ loyalty with Support Centre

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How Support Centre worked for Mobli Media

Mobli is a real-time visual media platform made up of subject-based channels such as topics, people, and places.

  • Effectively implemented the content pre-moderation and met the challenge of processing a massive amount of a submitted data
  • Ensured overall protection against inflammatory, illegal or unethical content
  • Delivered a high-qualified customer support services using e-mails ticket processing

More clients who benefited using our Support Centre: