Performance QA Service | App Stability Testing

Performance QA

What is it?

Ciklum`s performance testing service predicts system behaviour and performance under real-life stress conditions. Our Testing Centre of Excellence ensures that your web or mobile applications can both achieve and maintain peak performance.
Stress testing anticipates and eliminates  bottlenecks in your software application, making sure that your customers enjoy high levels of service and you enjoy maximum profitable productivity.

Who is it for?

  • Companies wishing to achieve high software quality by eliminating system performance bottlenecks under heavy load levels and poor response times

  • Businesses that want to make sure their apps are optimised to deliver the experience their clients expect

  • Projects that want to identify performance issues before their app is launched

  • Businesses that wish to check whether their software operates in conformance with the specified functional requirements

  • Firms that need to test application performance under real-life loads from multiple distributed locations

With performance QA you get:

Improved quality of your software performance

as we help you to avoid bottlenecks in your product and ensure reliable working

Shorter time-to-market of your product

Ciklum`s performance testing service eliminates late system deployment caused by performance issues

Reduction of costs and resources

We save your costs and resources spent on rework due to system malfunctioning and downtime

Guaranteed customer satisfaction

Our testing engineers ensure that your product fully meets customer expectations by verification of stability and fault-free performance

Highly qualified QA engineers

certified in Foundation and Advanced ISTQB, who specialise in testing for the web, desktop and mobile platforms


tailored to meet your particular performance objectives and goals

let your customers enjoy the ideal system behaviour

Test My Product In Real-Life Conditions

How it Works

  • We start by gaining an in-depth understanding of your business and technical objectives. Our team creates a performance testing plan and designs the workload model

  • Once an effective workload model is available, we generate scripts for tests simulating loads

  • We record and analyse system behaviour under a variety of conditions, and write a report confirming the readiness of your software for release

  • Ciklum`s testing experts can also make recommendations on the optimisation of your application for future optimal performance

How Performance QA worked for the Swiss sports company:

  • Performed load/stress testing for the web application that acts as a free TV platform for live and delayed football broadcasting
  • After the execution of performance tests and configuration enhancements introduced to the tested solution, its performance has increased from 294 concurrent players and 18 transactions per second to 4424 concurrent players with 239 transactions per second
  • The performance of the system has increased some 14 times due to the implementation of Ciklum`s performance testing solution