August 18, 2020

Ciklum Debuts AI-Powered Sales Booster for E-Commerce Platforms

Ciklum Debuts AI-Powered Sales Booster for E-Commerce Platforms

London, August 18, 2020 — Ciklum, a global digital solutions provider for Fortune 500 and fast-growing organisations around the world, has announced the release of Sales Booster, an AI-powered e-commerce tool that helps businesses create highly personalised consumer shopping experiences that drive higher click through rates, improve conversion and increase revenue.

Built with state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms, the Sales Booster product recommendation engine provides a powerful, flexible solution for e-commerce companies, food delivery services, travel and hospitality companies, and other digitally native brands looking to maximise customer engagement and sales. 

Sales Booster features a unique, two-stage personalised product recommendation system that uses neural networks and machine learning to provide deep customer insights, such as the relationships between an individual customer’s product requirements, view and search history, and previous purchases. Sales Booster uses real-time behavioural analysis that provides simplified product choices that deliver an effective shopping experience at the perfect moment.

James Lennon
Customers expect recommendations. Sales Booster gives brands easy access to a highly sophisticated product recommendation engine, allowing any e-commerce platform to provide incredibly tailored and relevant recommendations to their customers. This creates a seamless personal shopping experience that enhances sales and customer loyalty.
James Lennon, VP of Product at Ciklum

Delivering highly-personalised product recommendations for any industry’s e-commerce platforms, Sales Booster can greatly enhance a company’s clickthrough rates, maximise conversions, and increase customer satisfaction. Combining customer data with a fully-customisable recommendation engine, Sales Booster can ensure customers always get relevant suggestions that contribute to an improved return on investment (ROI). 

Sales Booster is one of the first products developed by Ciklum as a part of the Retail Unified Commerce Kit. This is a range of Ciklum’s products for retail businesses built on a win-win principle – improve end-user experience, build loyalty and grow retailer’s sales and revenue.

For more information about Sales Booster and to request a product demo, please visit the Sales Booster page

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Ciklum is a global Digital Solutions Company for Fortune 500 and fast-growing organisations alike around the world. The company is headquartered in London and has engineering centres and branch offices in the United States, Spain, Switzerland, Denmark, Israel, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, UAE and Pakistan. Ciklum builds tailored digital solutions that leverage emerging technologies for such clients as Metro Markets, Just Eat, Flixbus, Mercedes Pay, Valora and others.