July 14, 2016

Ciklum Reduces Cost By Up To 10 Times of Vital Signs Monitor for Children

Ciklum Reduces Cost By Up To 10 Times of Vital Signs Monitor for Children

Ciklum’s R&D Engineering Team has developed a Vital Signs Monitor for The Children’s Cardiac Center in Ukraine. The monitor is small and easy to handle device to control the patients’ vital signs 24/7 when they return home and are not observed as in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). 

The idea of the small and easy-to-use Vital Signs Monitor with the same alarm system as in clinics was supported by the Rotary Сlub Kyiv-city, Ciklum (embedded software development, biomedical engineering and device manufacturing) and Sirin Software (web and mobile app development).

Ciklum’s Reference Architecture platform allowed saving 40% of development time for the Proof of Concept. Already in 3 weeks the team showed the first results, and in two months – fully working prototype, which can be applied in clinics.


The Children’s Cardiac Center in Ukraine is one of the biggest in the Eastern Europe and performs annually around three thousand cardiac surgeries for children. There are some kind of heart lesions which deteriorate in a few hours. And if the patient is outside the ICU, nobody can help to identify the problem as early as possible and save child’s life. Picture:

“In the ICU every patient has the own monitoring system, which is very expensive and heavy. It allows to monitor invasive arterial pressure, EKG, heartbeat, etc. Sometimes the patient requires additional monitoring when he is discharged from the ICU to her mother, or his mother. And in that case there is no opportunity for the doctor to monitor child’s health”, says Kirill Chasovsky, Pediatric Anesthesiologist at The Children’s Cardiac Center.

The price for the device will be quite low, approximately 10 times lower than the alternative you can buy in the market. Ciklum’s R&D Team assembled and programmed the device in the Ukrainian lab, using the components available in the market and the own 3D printed case.

Borys Pratsiuk, Head of R&D Engineering at Ciklum: “In mass manufacturing, the price for the Vital Signs Monitor will be even lower, and its size may be way smaller to make it more comfortable for ever-moving kids. ” 

With the full support of the Children’s Cardiac Center the prototype of the devices is already done and it works. Rotary Club Kyiv-City is planning to attract charity organisations and investors to continue mass manufacturing.

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