April 16, 2020

Ciklum to Support COVID-19 Relief Efforts in Ukraine

Ciklum to Support COVID-19 Relief Efforts in Ukraine

Ciklum announces partnership with Tabletochki Charitable Foundation

To support Ukraine in its fight against coronavirus Ciklum is joining forces with Tabletochki Charitable Foundation. The primary goal of the partnership is to protect the most vulnerable groups from COVID-19: children with cancer, for whom coronavirus poses a huge risk, and health workers, who endanger their lives daily to treat those with the virus and to try to stop the pandemic.

Ciklum has donated 2.5 million UAH (90k USD) to the initiative, of which 1 million UAH is allocated to provide medical personnel with safe transportation to and from hospitals. Ciklum’s donation will be spent with the ‘Doctors to Work’ program. This program was launched by Uber and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine in Kyiv, Odesa, Lviv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Zaporizhia, and Vinnytsia, and supported by Tabletochki. It is hoped that medical professionals will have approximately 5000 free rides to work through Doctors to Work program thanks to Ciklum.

The other 1.5 million UAH will be spent on personal protective equipment, medical supplies, and medicine for children with cancer.

In addition, Ciklum is launching a global internal campaign with Tabletochki to raise additional funds to help doctors protect themselves and to save kids’ lives.

Oleksandr Snidalov
We have to unite our effort to fight the pandemic. Each of us has a part to play and together we can make a difference. For us at Ciklum, it’s our social responsibility to do everything we can to support people who are at the forefront of this fight. Because where would we be without our health care workers? And we have to remember about those who struggle already and for whom coronavirus is yet another challenge to overcome. That’s why I’m very proud that we are partnering with Tabletochki in Ukraine to support the work they are doing already in helping children with cancer and doctors. I’m also immensely proud of all Ciklumers globally, who have already reached out asking what they can do to help.
Oleksandr Snidalov, VP of Delivery Centres of Excellence at Ciklum
Svitlana Pugach
Today, when we stay at home with the whole world to protect ourselves, little superheroes in children's hospitals continue their fight with cancer, and now they are even more at risk! Cancer did not quarantine! Children with cancer, as well as doctors across Ukraine, continue to struggle in the face of a critical threat to their lives, as well as a lack of antiseptics and personal protective equipment. I am very grateful to Ciklum and every Ciklumer who stood up to protect them. You are incredible! Parents of hundreds of children and thousands of doctors are grateful to you for your great help and a chance for a healthy future.
Svitlana Pugach, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Tabletochki Charitable Foundation

About Ciklum 

Ciklum is a global Digital Solutions Company for Fortune 500 and fast-growing organisations alike around the world. The company is headquartered in London and has software development centres and branch offices in the United States, Spain, Switzerland, Denmark, Israel, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, UAE and Pakistan. Ciklum builds tailored digital solutions that leverage emerging technologies for such clients as Just Eat, Flixbus, Mercedes Pay, EFG International, Zurich Insurance, Lottoland and others.

About Tabletochki Charity Foundation

The Tabletochki Charity Foundation is one of the largest foundations in the field of pediatric oncology in Ukraine. Over 400 children and their families are being cared for every month by the Foundation, providing comprehensive care from diagnosis to completion of treatment and support for families. In addition to targeted care for children with cancer and their families, the Foundation helps 17 pediatric cancer units across Ukraine, implements a palliative program, develops psychosocial care, develops the national strategy to fight childhood cancer, and educates doctors and nurses best practices. Since 2011 over 4,000 families have received targeted help of more than 240 million hryvnias.