March 26, 2018

Ciklum Wins DevOps Engineer of the Year at Computing DevOps Excellence Awards 2018

Ciklum Wins DevOps Engineer of the Year at Computing DevOps Excellence Awards 2018

Ciklum is delighted to announce that for the second consecutive year a Ciklum engineer is a winner at the Computing DevOps Excellence Awards. Ruslan Kusov, Senior DevOps Engineer won the DevOps Engineer of the Year Award. Another Ciklum engineer, Marina Veremenko, DevOps Technical Lead, earned the title “Young DevOps Engineer of the Year” the year before.

DevOps Excellence Awards showcase outstanding achievements of individuals, organisations and solutions operating within the DevOps space.The judging committee this year recognized the essential role played by Ruslan Kusov who is driving the DevOps transformation at Thomas Cook, a British global travel company benefiting from Ciklum’s consulting services.

The shift towards DevOps in the software development ecosystem at Thomas Cook came simultaneously with an initiative to migrate to a new cloud provider. To ensure a smooth and successful cloud migration the new DevOps team defined the following goals:

  • Define standards for infrastructure and the new cloud operating model,
  • Determine application and services architecture for the new cloud,
  • Providing the support for project integration,
  • Developing efficient automation (Infrastructure as code).

DevOps was responsible for designing and managing a landing zone for the project i.e. account structure, security policies, network design, identity and access management, defining an operating model, providing documentation and choosing a MVP. The landing zone was a brownfield project based on prior work that had to be rebuilt.

The DevOps model enables deployment with ongoing projects and it was sharpened for future service deployments. Shifting away from a monolithic architecture to microservices shortened release times and optimized deployment services.

devops engineer

Ruslan Kusov,
Senior DevOps Engineer at Thomas Cook Team

“At its heart, DevOps is about bringing people related to the code delivery process together, empowering them to move towards their goals and making the teams more mature and responsible for the whole application lifecycle: from code writing to receiving customers’ feedback from production services. As a team, we realized that we can build DevOps that helps deliver features faster and allows the development to be agile and increase the speed of reaction.”

The full list of the Devops Excellence Award winners can be viewed here:

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