April 5, 2016

Ciklum’s IoT Team Won Garage48 IoT & Machine Learning Hackathon

Ciklum’s IoT Team Won Garage48 IoT & Machine Learning Hackathon

Last weekend the Garage48 hackathon brought together the IoT and Machine Learning experts in Kyiv, Ukraine. Ciklum’s IoT team has won the hackathon with the ScoofyNet prototype, a network of smart connected devices using machine learning techniques.

59 participants had 48 hours for preparation and 3 minutes to present their prototypes to 8 international and local mentors. The mentors were assessing the team, presentation, idea, execution and its business potential. Scoofy, a team of six representing Ciklum’s IoT Practice, was announced the Overall Winner of the Garage48 IoT & Machine Learning hackathon.

ciklum scoofy iot

ScoofyNet team and their cocktail mixer right after the presentation to the Garage48 mentors

The team has presented the ScoofyNet, a network of smart connected devices which knows what is the best specifically for you. The idea was implemented using Ciklum’s IoT reference platform, which allows to cut the Proof of Concept development time up to 40%.

The ScoofyNet network may be implemented in any field where the device has to learn user preferences and offer the product according to the preferences. For example, coffee machines which can prepare your preferred type of coffee as soon as you approach the machine, or cocktail mixer making cocktails for your friends during the party according to their favourite taste list. The network uses cloud to store information about the user, machine learning module, smartphone connecting to the devices and communicating your choice, and speech recognition module planned.

Components and technologies used:

BigData – Python – Machine Learning – Android – Hardware assembles – Embedded programming – Microsoft Azure – Cloud MQTT – iBeacon

ciklum iot work

In the process of ScoofyNet cocktail mixer development. The system has cloud connection and ‪‎Machine Learning‬ engine behind it, with personal analytics about drinking habits displayed in the mobile app.

In July 2015, a part of Ciklum’s Research & Development division has won the Politzer Prize and Gold Medal at the World Congress of Otology in Japan with the work on restoration of blinking for patients with damaged facial nerves. The award-winning team from Ukraine has united the Ukrainian Institute of Otolaryngology, Research and Manufacturing Private Enterprise WEL and Ciklum.


Garage48 event series started in Estonia in April 2010 and have expanded to other countries in Northern Europe and Africa since then. All Garage48 events are held in English and have ~100 international participants.