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QA Automation


Ciklum provides Quality Assurance (QA) Automation services that optimise and simplify routine testing with a minimum sets of scripts. Ciklum QA Automation solutions improve accuracy as they perform the same steps precisely every time they are executed. They give fast, reliable feedback for both management and developers about the quality of your software product.


  • Businesses that strive to shorten innovation cycles and time-to-market

  • Firms that want reliable repetition of tests at each stage to ensure uncompromising product quality

  • Technical teams wishing to build automated testing of new projects or apply automation to existing manual testing processes

  • Multi-module projects that need efficient dependency management and automated report generation


Higher quality software

as you can perform more reliable testing sessions

Cost reduction

because our QA Automation solutions enable you to reduce the number of qualified personnel needed

Access to highly qualified QA professionals

certified in Foundation and Advanced ISTQB, ICAgile, and offensive security


of your routine testing activities. Our QA Automation solutions allow you to avoid time-consuming repetitive tasks

Testing accuracy

We ensure consistent results that are not always available with manual testing

A significant increase in your test coverage

Our QA automation solutions provide coverage that is impossible with manual testing. They increase both scope and depth of your tests

shorten innovation cycle and your time-to-market

Start The QA Automation Today


  • Our automation testing approach is flexible and customisable with a wide methodological base and tools set

  • Ciklum QA experts determine and target only the areas where automation testing fits best with your goals

  • We perform thorough planning and design to provide you with testing scenarios and scripts development for successful test automation

  • After the testing plan is complete, we select the automated tools that best suit your overall requirements and create tests steps

  • At the same time, we provide you solutions for effective dependency management and version management that give you a high degree of control and stability in multi-module projects

  • Our experts also effectively integrate automation scripts with your Continuous Integration (CI) tool already in use or set up a new CI environment for auto-testing

How QA Automation worked for a Big Data company:

  • Company requested Ciklum’s QA team to conduct a thorough analysis of existing QA processes to implement the best QA practices
  • Main challenges: unmeasured quality, high regression, no mature GUI automation and QA resources shortage
  • Previously, manual testing for regression suite took 30 minutes. Ciklum shortened it by automation.
  • As a result of the automation framework development, Ciklum’s QA team reduced testing time by 27%.