Manual QA Service

Manual QA


Our analysts play the role of the end-user, testing product features to ensure they behave as designed. We verify that the software solution corresponds to the specification, applicable quality standards, and user needs.
By manual testing, Ciklum QA professionals eliminate bugs in all phases of development, on all supported platforms, from the initial requirements analysis to final production.


  • Companies wishing to achieve measurable, top-ranking software quality by eliminating bugs in all development phases, supported platforms and environments

  • Firms that want to be sure their software is error free before it is released

  • Businesses that wish to check whether their software operates in conformance with the specified functional requirements

  • Projects that anticipate multiple changes in their product functionality

  • Companies that develop an application with a small code base


Access to highly qualified QA professionals

certified in Foundation and Advanced ISTQB, who specialise in testing for the web, desktop and mobile

Reduction of time and resources

We save time and resources spent on maintaining your software through the application of the most appropriate testing techniques

Higher quality software products

as our QA team prevent bugs, track them until closure and validate to ensure that the product meets end-user expectations

Shorter time-to-market for your applications

Ciklum`s testing engineers find and fix errors throughout all stages of development, avoiding unexpected development hold-ups


We ensure sustained high product quality even when project requirements are frequently changed

Increased customer loyalty

with reliable and stable software

Ensure reliability and high quality of your software products

Eliminate Bugs In My Products


  • We begin with a thorough understanding of your business and technical goals

  • Our testing engineers determine an appropriate testing strategy and create a test plan that meets your functional testing objectives

  • QA team executes tests cases to find errors and unexpected system behaviour. We consider every case from a user perspective to ensure all user requirements are satisfied

  • After executing all test cases, we conduct an in-depth analysis of results and provide you with a detailed report

  • If required, Ciklum’s QA team can also perform re-testing after making changes in the test objectives