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Managed product

Fast prototyping, concept development or product creation from research to market launch - new software products built seamlessly by us as if from your own hands

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What is it?

Instead of hiring the technology specialists and building your product from scratch, use Ciklum’s expertise and technical ecosystem to make your idea feasible and commercially available in the shortest time.

With the Managed Product solution you don’t need to tell Ciklum what to do. Whether you need a feasibility study, proof of concept or finalised product ready for market launch – give us the concept and we’ll do the rest for you.

is it for?

  • Businesses without research and development skills, and in need of product development.
  • Companies with new product ideas who wish to test the feasibility as well as market demand for their product.
  • Entrepreneurs with an experimental concept wishing to test its viability and provide proof of concept.

Turn your idea into tangible product

Hand Over The Development Risks Today

With Managed Product you get:

Your perfect product developed

After thorough research, by leading software experts. We take full responsibility for the product while you always know what is going on

Up to 50% reduction in early-stage investment risk

With specialist Research & Development

Dedicated Product Owner + Product strategy roadmap

Your single point of contact - your eyes and ears in the development team. Roadmap with the product features definition

Full-time team of 10 PhDs in Engineering

Investigating your idea, calculating alternatives, and devising the best implementation approach

Market and technology analytics

For your industry, plus research on your competitors

Less expensive and time-consuming proof of concept

Built with the help of Ciklum’s technological ecosystem and years of expertise

How it Works

1. You delegate responsibility for the product to Ciklum, from initial product concept development and definition all the way to deadlines and deliverables. Still you remain a part of the process.

2. Our team of PhDs, developers, and product architects will lead your innovation from initial idea to final market realisation — with benchmarking, testing, and feedback every step of the way.

3. You walk away with a real product – well-tested and well-developed, no matter the idea, size, and scope of your project.

HOW Managed product
WORKED FOR a Global FMCG company:

  • Social gaming developmentMarket and technology analysis to identify risks, choose the platform and study competitors.
  • Final product released in 8 weeks after the requirements specification.
  • AppStore pre-release to study audience feedback followed by main release with new features added.

make your idea feasible and commercially available

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