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Managed project

Develop your project from idea to delivery, passing all management risks to Ciklum and significantly reducing your operational costs.

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In every software development project, finding the right team members and choosing the relevant technologies are essential to success. Wrong choices at any stage can result in over budgeting and failed deadlines.

With Managed Project you hand over the challenges of project development to Ciklum. We deliver your project according to the concepts and requirements defined by you.


  • Top managers scaling up their business, but who don’t yet have the in-house expertise they need.
  • Companies that do not want to take on the risks involved in managing additional projects.
  • Businesses wishing to create and launch a new software product, but who do not need to establish a permanent development team.

Hand over the project challenges to Ciklum

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WITH managed project YOU GET:

Your project delivered on schedule and in budget

You define the concept and approve the result, while we take care of all the rest, including team selection, choice of architecture, technologies, and development methodologies.

Reduced management risks

As Ciklum takes full responsibility for the project implementation and delivery.

Dedicated project manager & Expert consultants

Manager acting as a single point of contact and reporting to you as the product owner. Consultants will advise on cost reduction without sacrificing productivity

Proprietary Software Development Optimisation tool

For project estimation and assessment of technical risks.

Project Management Toolkit

Enabling you to keep your hand on all project-related activities and progress at any time.

Cloud and Infrastructure DevOps Services

For quick start development, fast set up of your development test environment, through to deploying finished code on your production server.


1. You define the project scope and specify your goals. We take your business vision and your project requirements and turn them into a working product.

2. You gain access to Ciklum’s pool of technologists, and tap into the best IT talent to increase output and cut costs. The result is a team that is fully yours.

3. As a Ciklum client you retain total control while taking advantage of the flexibility scalability, and reduced administration that allows you to focus on your product or service.

HOW managed project HAS

  • Workshop with product owners and development team to elicit the requirements and create a backlog with priorities
  • Minimum Viable Product of the Mobile Application developed to achieve the highest return on investment versus risk
  • Solution support to use resources efficiently and launch the application without an external support team

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Hand Over The Project Risks To Ciklum