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Managed team

Want to start asap with a development team without managing it yourself?


What is it?

Start developing your project without investing time and efforts in the requirements and team management. Your Managed Team takes the most time-consuming tasks off your hands and enhances your productivity. We get things done on schedule while you maintain control.

You need

this when

  • You experience shortage of in-house staff to start the PoC or MVP development
  • Your business requires new product development, but at the same time you need a core product support
  • You need to ramp up the team quickly, but you don’t want to manage hiring, and other HR processes

How does it facilitate development?


you get:

Up to 60% cost reduction

Control over process and cost

Up to 2x faster time to market

No recruitment and retention stress

Easy team start and management

Payroll freedom

How Managed Team

worked foR LOGBUY

  • Increased delivery process efficiency with Continuous Integration and Build Automation by development team
  • LogBuy focused on product delivery while Ciklum was managing and improving both the team and individual performance
  • 800,000 system users, and 400 back office clients already enjoy the new ‘HR Hub’ module and redesigned portal, while Managed Team maintains the system and adds new features


clients built MVP or PoC


faster time to market


of teams use Agile frameworks


ppl average team size


it works

  • Get a quote and select future team members onshore, nearshore and offshore  
  • Managed Team starts working on your project this minute, while you decide on the scope and change your requirements in process  
  • Ramp up quickly while reducing costs. We handle time-consuming tasks such as project and product management, managing the software team, and improving performance