Own development teams

The core of what Ciklum does is in our unique Own Software Development Teams model

Client's Own Software Development Teams

Here, we leverage the knowledge and expertise of our in-house recruiters, HR managers, and support team to place one or several developers on your staff, while housing them in one of our development locations.

The result is a team that is fully yours. You’ll have new hires recruited from a huge pool of talent, and reduced costs thanks to outsourced recruiting and hiring and nearshore placement.

development centres

We have built dedicated development centers from the ground up in Ukraine, Belarus and Pakistan in order to partner with the world’s best IT talent in a variety of computer engineering technologies.

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how it works

As the winner of the Biggest Employer List and HR IT Best Practices Award in 2015 we manage to employ and successfully retain 2.500+ IT professionals working for us.

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hybrid teams

An industry expert will travel to your headquarters to optimize your technical project development. The developer will then provide in-house consulting on outsourcing to reach maturity and future-proof your business by using our proven methodology.

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offshore teams

Maximize the capacity of your offsite development centers with Ciklum staffing services. We have developed methods and tools to fully integrate the development centers into your business culture.

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onshore teams

When building a business globally, you need to be sure that your development sites function without fails. Ciklum onshore staffing services cover those issues handling every step of the staffing and retaining process for you. Expand your business without thinking about small details.

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10 Reasons to choose us

If you still have any questions, these 10 reasons will dispel any doubts regarding choosing a software development or IT outsourcing partner for your business.

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