How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Software Testing

How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Software Testing


  • The cost to fix an error found after product release is 4 to five 5 times as much as one uncovered during design, and up to 100 times more than one identified in the maintenance phase, according to IBM. How can AI improve software testing?
  • AI can script 100 tests in 1/100th of the time a single person could. How will AI help test automation engineers leverage the ever-growing complexity of software?
  • SaaS applications: when software testing may become a make-or-break situation?
  • How can AI embrace the challenge of testing on a wide range of software devices?
  • Traditional Security testing vs AI-based.
  • What real benefits can AI bring into testing?

The global pool of programs with all sorts of apps is constantly growing  – only in Google Play, more than 1300 applications are rolled out every day. Not only the number of apps is growing, but also their complexity, bringing new QA and Testing challenges for software testers.

Good news: researchers expect Artificial Intelligence very soon will be widely used to pull out the bugs from enormous code suites. Though AI brings up such issues as “How to start AI testing implementation?”, “How can companies leverage their test automation effort?”, “Which tests should be automated?” etc.

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and learn what real benefits can AI bring into testing

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Read the whitepaper full of tips