• Blockchain is poised for an explosive growth over the next 12 months allowing for data transfers to be both transparent and automated.
  • The counterfeit drug market is worth $200 billion annually. Can blockchain technology be a game-changer in the healthcare industry?
  • Supply chain automation through blockchain technology could increase total trade volume by 15%. How can blockchain make supply chain processes transparent and efficient?
  • What is the potential of blockchain technology for the hospitality industry?
  • Can blockchain let you track a potato from farm to your table? How will blockchain help farmers sell products with a short shelf life faster?
blockchain timeline


In 2018 blockchain is going to be a widely adopted mainstream technology that will continue to transform plenty of industries from healthcare and logistics to medicine and hospitality sphere. Companies that adopt a shared ledger technology will demonstrate their readiness to build trust relationships caring about their data as well as data of their partners and customers.


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