• 63% of managers expected a slow digital transformation because their employees didn’t believe these new technologies would be better than what they had before 
  • Why competition and talent loss are not the only problems caused by the slow adoption of technologies
  • 8 tips helping you to facilitate the technology adoption with limited budget and resistance by employees


A new revolutionizing technology appears on the horizon – it will undoubtedly enhance the company’s processes in terms of efficiency increase, ROI maximization, and better corporate security. Even stakeholders have already validated the effectiveness and are ready to spearhead the adoption process. Although it seems to be a no-brainer under such conditions, as time goes by, the company appears to be unready for such a tech plunge.

Shifting Technology Landscape: How Businesses Can Adapt The Changes

Companies’ plans and actual moves towards new technologies implementation. Source:


Be prepared for the traps and pitfalls, which are going along with the new technology rollout, and find out how to confront them by fueling the adoption process with the insightful tips from the Whitepaper.

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