The Subtle Art of Software Testing Like Tech Leaders

The Subtle Art of Software Testing Like Tech Leaders


  • What is dogfooding and why is it popular among big tech companies?
  • Google maintains about 2 billion lines of code for its internet services. How big is the scope of goals set by Google engineers?
  • Which testing tools do Facebook developers use?
  • How tech giants leverage external resources and in-house capabilities for software testing?
  • Which testing principles should a company follow to succeed?

Whether you are a growing company or a well-established one, the information you will find inside the whitepaper will give you valuable tips on how to streamline your software testing processes. You will see how the right execution of software testing helped big tech companies work their way up to household names they become now. The impeccable user experience we get when making another Google request, post something on Facebook or check out on Amazon requires a lot of behind the scenes work.

Read the whitepaper full of tips
and bring your software testing to a new level

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Read the whitepaper full of tips