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Salling group

Salling Group is Denmark’s largest retailer of the leading brands in fashion, interior design, lifestyle, wellness and food with several chains such as Netto, Føtex, Bilka, Salling and BR.

Salling group has been a client of Ciklum’s since 2009. Initially looking for a technology partner to commence work on their full digital transformation to keep pace with consumer demand but also ensure slick operations across all business functions.

Ciklum worked with Salling to build the solutions roadmap for their successful digital transformation. Given the diversity of legacy technology within Salling Group, Ciklum engineers’ breadth of knowledge was key in establishing how best to transform a business with over 1500 stores and growing pressure to further develop its ecommerce platform. This initial direction established, 12 years ago, has laid the groundwork for Salling’s continual digital success and commercial growth.

Having a dedicated Ciklum team in Pakistan, Ciklum’s core objective was to replace Salling Group’s legacy system with new technologies; including a redefined ecommerce platform and internal tools to ensure the smooth running of Salling Group’s multinational operation.

Some key strategic outputs include:

A 40% reduction in technology costs
A platform that meets customer expectations and fosters loyalty to Salling Group's omnichannel presence
An increase in employee retention as a result of migration from legacy tools
Ecommerce revenue increase as a result of the new platform