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22 Jun 2017

How To Improve Your Website Security

With the WannaCry and Xdata ransomware attacks drawing headlines around the world, maintaining your website’s security is more important than ever. But new survey data by Clutch, a ratin...

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20 Jun 2017

Project Estimation: How Do You Know That It’s Correct?

Software project estimates are important. They let you offer timelines to external stakeholders, like PR and finance teams, that prepare for a roll-out based on your guidelines and help you prioritize projects so you can complete them more efficiently. But despite the importance of good estimatio...

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1 Jun 2017

7 Tools For Effective DevOps Collaboration

In the enterprise, DevOps adoption is skyrocketing. From 2015 to 2016, DevOps adoption increased from 66 percent to 74 percent. While the benefits of DevOps are clear, what’s not always as straightforward is arranging collaboration between two formerly independent teams: software development and I...

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