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Who we are

Ciklum is an award-winning global IT company with Scandinavian roots and more than 13 years of experience in IT outsourcing. We recruit from a pool of more than 40,000 IT specialists throughout the world to build your development dream team, working closely with you to meet your needs from beginning to end.

Since 2002, our 90-plus in-house recruitment specialists have helped some of the biggest and most innovative brands hire and retain more than 2,500 developers in 11 locations across Eastern and Southern Europe and Asia.

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What we do

Onshore, offshore or nearshore software development, in all these cases Ciklum's business model will save you up to 50% of costs.

It is not similar to the freelance model, because you get an extension of own team. It speaks your language and works in your enterprise systems. We build a team, which you completely control. This model is scalable as you can add as many people to your team as you need or vise versa foreshorten it, as well as it is transparent since you always see what you pay for.

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What we offer


Low-risk, scalable team-building brings your product to market more quickly and at a lower cost


As the only nearshore IT consulting team in Europe to carry ICAgile training certification, we attract some of the best developers, skilled in a wide range of technology


Our fixed-cost pricing model offers a cost savings of 50% when compared with typical in-house rates in the US and EU

How can we help you?

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