Process Mining

Untangle your most complex processes for maximum efficiency

Benefits of Process Mining

In as little as four weeks, we can pinpoint your issues and identify areas for immediate improvement.

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Get real time visibility

See all your workflows instantly through our custom-built, accessible dashboards so that you can react to changes quickly and make data-driven decisions.
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Simplify your ecosystem

Bring complex and disparate technology together and automate your root cause detection, so you can drive improvements across your organisation.

Cut costs and waste

Deploy a faster, more-cost effective way to enhance your business processes and get a single source of truth for your data without breaking your budget.
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Ease system migration

Automate all your migration processes for best practice creation, fit gap analysis, modelling, and adoption monitoring for a stress-free experience.

Our clients are our partners

From global enterprises to digital disruptors, we’ve partnered with companies for over 20 years to reimagine, reshape and redefine the way people experience your business.

"Our experience with bringing on a mobile development team from Ciklum was absolutely stellar."

Avishag Baruch
CTO and Vice President of R&D - Seeking Alpha

“Ciklum provides us the ability to scale up our operation on demand when we need it."

Dror Meiri
Director of Software Engineering - eToro

"The engineers and the team we work with at Ciklum bring a high level of expertise and a great work ethic that really resonates with our values of excellence."

Emili Collier
Head of Delivery Engagement - TUI

"The ability to help scale was very important in our project. In less than 6 months we scaled up our team to over 100 people. If I need to make that decision again, I would again go with Ciklum."

Philipp Blome
CEO - Metro Markets

"We work very closely with Ciklum to establish what it is we’re trying to achieve, what our objectives are, and how closely we want that integrated with our core business."

Altay Ural
Director of Platforms - Betsson Group

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