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Corporate Social Responsibility

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Our values

Ciklum core values are the cornerstone of who we are and what we stand for. They define the culture and shape the character of our company.


The people working for Ciklum are our main asset and a guarantee for the future of the company. We don’t view our employees as “labor”—they are our true capital.


We believe that close collaboration with our employees and customers produces better development.


As a business, we consider ourselves responsible for any impact our activities may have on the environment or the future of our children. By supporting sustainable development, we actively take part in the mission of restoring the environment.

Long-term thinking

Our goal is to build the company by focusing on gradual, conscious and responsible growth, rather than immediate profit.

Greater good

We should take a responsibility for as many vulnerable society members as possible.

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areas of responsibility

To ensure a business-driven approach to CSR, Ciklum has defined 5 focus areas which are in line with our business strategy and provide us and our business partners with a clear direction for CSR in Ciklum.

Social security of employees

We believe that the company is responsible for not only salaries and offices, but also for the well-being of our team members and their families on a larger scale.

Education and training

Professional knowledge and skills open new horizons for individuals and gradually transform all of society. We are committed to supporting such initiatives.

Emergency response

We make emergency and preparedness plans for all possible accidents and train our staff correspondingly.

Help to those in need

We feel obliged to share our potential and take care of those members of society who are facing difficulties with their basic life conditions, or who are in dire circumstances.

Environmental responsibility

The company considers sustainability issues when making decisions on both long-term business strategy and daily operational needs.

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Implementation Strategy

We don’t just plant – but create an attitude within the company. Our idea is to make social responsibility an integrated part of our corporate culture. Learn more how we make our CSR values and visions a reality.

Small steps under the strategic goal

Daily activities in all areas of corporate social responsibility are linked to our general guidelines.

Local practices determined by global principles

Locations of offices or differences between project teams or the line managers should not affect the implementation of our core values.

No compromises on ethical issues

We make no exceptions if ethical or legal aspects of certain decisions or activities contradict some of our own short-term business interests. In such cases, we consistently emphasize transparency and responsibility.

Employee involvement

Comprehensive implementation of the CSR policy is possible only when it is properly understood and supported by the majority of team members. Mutual trust and support are two important cornerstones of our social policy.


Employees should know that despite any possible risks or unexpected situations, the company will not forget their needs or abandon its obligations.

Transparency and open communication

The Ciklum management team is always open to direct and unbiased dialog with our employees, and with mass media and representatives of the community.

Knowledge sharing

We implement these principles by the creation and development of IT communities, profile events, and diverse publications.


We encourage our employees to participate in socially significant projects and we support those who start their own initiatives, both inside and outside the company.

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