Environmental, Social, Governance

Our intention at Ciklum has been and will always be aimed at creating an environment that we want to continue growing sustainably in, and this means building natural capital, increasing social welfare, and being conscious of economic and technological development.

To ensure that we are architects of a positive future, we keep ESG matters at the core of our vision and strategy


Employee welfare

We strive to create a workplace and culture that prioritises the needs of our team members and allows them to be themselves.


Environmental responsibility

We are committed to change and work hard to make a positive impact on the environment and societies in which we operate.


Emergency response and business continuity

We regularly review and update our business continuity plans, ensuring infrastructure, procedures and policies are in place and prioritise the safety of our people, continuity of service, and adherence to local laws and regulations.



We put great emphasis on shaping the world for the better and encourage our teams to help us select and support global charities that promote maximum positive impact.


Education and training

We are committed to supporting the development of our people and providing them the opportunity to exceed their potential.


Diversity and inclusion

We value inclusivity above everything else and celebrate the power that comes with diversity within our global organisation and across our wider network.

Ciklum’s Environmental Policy

Ciklum is committed to leading by example, integrating environmental stewardship into every facet of our operations. Our Environmental Policy outlines a framework for sustainable practices that complies with environmental regulations, reduces our ecological footprint, and fosters environmental awareness amongst our stakeholders.

Risk & Compliance

Integrity is at our core. Learn about Risk & Compliance at Ciklum.