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Ciklum can help you build differentiated, scalable and compliant platforms to enable the holy grail of personalised, yet responsible gaming.

The business challenges we solve

Compliance with changing regulation

With increased regulatory scrutiny and significant variances in gaming legislation across the globe, iGaming operators and suppliers face an ongoing battle to stay compliant. This is a balancing act between continuously meeting changing iGaming compliance requirements and maintaining strong product engineering discipline and speed-to-market.

Improving iGaming payment processes

Players who can’t get their funds in or out of your platform quickly and transparently will quickly switch to a rival platform where they can. Enabling fast registration with elements of automation and one-click features can solve these problems and improve the player experience.

Modernising and integrating platforms

In an industry where mergers and acquisitions are common, it’s easy to inherit a mix of legacy platforms that are hard to develop and enhance. Integration that gives operators a holistic view of all their technology is essential, including distributed cloud adoption to manage data and enable platforms to scale at speed.

Moving from monolithic applications to microservices

Monolithic systems can be time-consuming to upgrade as changes involve work taking place across the entire system. Adopting a microservice-based architecture - where code is broken down into manageable, flexible modules - gives agility to product development, while speeding-up deployment.

We combine deep sector experience with market-leading technology to create seamless digital experiences.

Consulting and Innovation

How we help

With Ciklum’s expertise in app development, you can translate strategic ambitions into tangible outcomes. With a clear direction of travel defined, you can embrace the agility required to make quick platform changes that delight your end customers - and this can all be achieved in a way that maintains compliance, globally. 

Solutions at a glance
  • Assessment & strategy: evaluating current tech, developing strategic roadmaps and modernising platforms & infrastructure.
  • Improvement: enabling business model innovation to embrace agile approaches such as microservices.
  • Regulation and compliance: flexible cloud-hosted platforms ensure rapid responses to changes in regulation, wherever you operate.

Core Development and Strategy

How we help

With 20 years of experience in creating custom digital products, such as mobile betting software, Ciklum is perfectly positioned to help you create the iGaming experiences players want. We can help you refactor and extend applications, provide cross-platform services, undertake complete custom solution replatforming, and integrate with third-party solutions.

Solutions at a glance
  • Platform modernisation: architecture solution design; partial system restructures & front-office applications.
  • Differentiated customer experiences: taking a holistic approach to customer experience design thinking and development.
  • Enabling personalisation: crafting solutions that are player-centric at their core, enabling the most sophisticated personalisation.

Product Engineering and Continuous Discovery

How we help

From start to finish, we can support you at every stage of your iGaming product engineering lifecycle. We can provide end-to-end product roadmap analysis, architecture design, software development, and operate and run (managed) services. We’ll drive continuous discovery and product innovation, advising on the best architecture to ensure your landscape is secure, high-performing and scalable.

Solutions at a glance
  • Engineering and cloud adoption: architectural assessments, site reliability engineering and cloud adoption readiness.
  • Testing and security: governance, performance testing, security and compliance, and CI/CD framework implementation.
  • Online payments: online payment solutions for consumer-facing applications to drive conversion, loyalty and revenue.

Data and Analytics

How we help

With the wealth of data available to iGaming operators, making the most of it to improve customer experiences, as well as operational efficiency, is increasingly important. We leverage our capabilities in AI and ML to help you to find new customers, verify players, identify suspicious activities, build smarter algorithms and enable greater personalisation.

Solutions at a glance
  • Modern data platforms: a full-service approach to modernise your data platform - strategy, architecture, integration and implementation.
  • AI and Analytics: developing your ideal vision of AI deployment and then helping you implement it.
  • Internet of Things (IoT): assessing your suitability for IoT enablement, and where it would best fit, before putting it in place.

Infrastructure Optimisation and Cloud Orchestration

How we help

As the iGaming industry continues to grow at pace, so too does its complexity and the need for your algorithms to move at even greater speeds. Not only does this require ever more computer power, but also the ability to enable and optimise infrastructure with just a few clicks. Our expertise in mobile app development along with cloud and infrastructure optimisation, means we’ll ensure your platforms can scale easily without the need to re-architect.

What we do
Solutions at a glance
  • Infrastructure optimisation: reliable and flexible infrastructure optimisation with minimal running costs.
  • Cloud orchestration and automation: iGaming cloud integrations and optimisations to deploy scalable solutions at the click of a button. We help you store data securely while scaling at pace.
What our customers say
"We work very closely with Ciklum to establish what it is we're trying to achieve, what our objectives are, and how closely we want that integrated with our core business."

"Ciklum helped us to move from a start-up-like development team mainly working with Extreme Programming to a more mature approach with multiple Agile development teams. This was a pre-requisite for delivering the X factor and the high quality that always distinguishes the Authentic Gaming live games."

Authentic Gaming

"Ciklum provides us the ability to scale up our operation on-demand where we need it."



How we built, optimised, and future-proofed Betsson’s payment infrastructure.

Allowing millions of transactions to be processed across Betsson group every day,

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