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16th August 2018
Youngest Ciklum Researcher Wins Bronze at International Mathematics Competition

When Vladyslav Shram, the youngest member of the R&D department at Ciklum, found his name among the bronze winners on the scoreboard of the 25th International Mathematics Competition (IMC) he was truly amazed. Winning bronze at the annual IMC contest means being one of the best in mathematics globally. Vladyslav says that advanced analytical skills […]

1st August 2018
Growing By Leaps And Bounds: How Ciklum’s Testing Centre Of Excellence Has Grown 30x

This week our Testing Centre of Excellence, the team at Ciklum providing QA & Software Testing services to 300+ clients, has welcomed their 150th member. Read below how the team has evolved since 2012 and how they deliver business value with continuous testing. Irina Litvin (In 2012, Middle QA Engineer, now working as a QA […]

31st July 2018
Explaining Blockchain to your Grandma

Blockchain will change everything. It opens up a whole realm of possibilities, making it easier to conduct transactions, all while keeping our information safe. Blockchain enables secure payments and transactions between peers – without intermediaries, and without their fees. It is the technology behind the more well-known Bitcoin and other digital currencies. But its potential […]

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