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14th June 2018
Product Thinking In UX Design

Why do so many apps fail? One reason is because they fail to address users’ problems, instead creating “solutions” that don’t actually solve anything. The notable discrepancy between problems and solutions is why one of the most useful solutions in UX design in years was created: product thinking. Curious about product thinking — in a […]

31st May 2018
Ciklum’s Head of Mobile Stack Featured in Survey of Restaurant Loyalty Apps

Exactly half (50%) of smartphone owners regularly use restaurant loyalty rewards app, according to a new survey by The Manifest, a B2B news an how-to site. The Manifest surveyed 500+ smartphone owners across the U.S. to better understand trends when it comes to popular categories of mobile apps. The latest survey specifically focuses on food […]

24th May 2018
Tech Trends That Will Change The World In 2018

Every forthcoming year is unpredictable and 2018 is not the exception. From politics to culture, a year ago the world seemed to have trouble finding its footing through a seemingly never-ending twelve months. Whether the day’s stories focused on the potential looming threat of artificial intelligence, the continued spread of online misinformation in the form […]

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