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13th March 2018
How an Inside-Out Approach Promotes IT Security Awareness Among Employees

If you are a looking for a challenge, try to spin the IT security breaches and hacks of 2017 in a positive light. In a year defined by a slew of high-profile data breaches and attacks, companies that survived 2017 unscathed should count their lucky stars.   Source: Lloyd and Juniper 2018, though, is a […]

6th March 2018
Forrester Recognized Ciklum As A Midsize Custom Software Development Provider Worldwide

Forrester has published the 2018 Overview “Now Tech: Service Providers For Custom Software Development” and named Ciklum among 16 best midsize players globally. The main goal of the Overview is to help app development & delivery leaders make well-considered decisions on the market of custom software development vendors. While seeking help with designing, developing, testing […]

23rd February 2018
What’s So Smart About Smart Contracts?

Smart contracts are everywhere, and yet they are still often misunderstood. Many people don’t know how these contracts are created or applied, which can lead to mistrust and or even fear. Because they are growing in popularity daily, it is important to have a clear understanding of what these contracts are and how they work. […]

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