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5th April 2018
How Chatbots Are Changing The Digital Customer Experience

The way that businesses interact with consumers has consistently evolved with developments in technology. What was once ad men in a boardroom sketching out the next television advertisement has evolved into digital design agencies partnering with an organization’s marketing team to create immersive, personalized experiences for customers. Chatbots are the latest innovations transforming the ways […]

26th March 2018
Ciklum Wins DevOps Engineer of the Year at Computing DevOps Excellence Awards 2018

Ciklum is delighted to announce that for the second consecutive year a Ciklum engineer is a winner at the Computing DevOps Excellence Awards. Ruslan Kusov, Senior DevOps Engineer won the DevOps Engineer of the Year Award. Another Ciklum engineer, Marina Veremenko, DevOps Technical Lead, earned the title “Young DevOps Engineer of the Year” the year […]

11 Things You Should Do To Prepare For The GDPR

The Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal is only the latest in a series of massive privacy breaches affecting people worldwide, leaving them with a slew of questions about the vulnerability of their personal data. In response, the titans of the internet have mostly gone silent. Even with the uproar about how outsiders handle Facebook’s user […]

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