Extended Team

This is your own IT team mirrored in Spain, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus or Pakistan, and completely aligned with your culture and business goals.

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Supervised Quality

In addition to your Extended Team, get certified QA consultants to further cut costs and reduce time-to-market for your software development.

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Managed Team

With this model, you focus on your business strategy and tell us what the project requirements are, while we work through the backlog and get things done on schedule.

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Managed Project

This engagement model lets you hand over all the project development challenges to Ciklum’s experts. You receive the project delivered according to the concepts and requirements defined by you.

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Managed Product

Use Ciklum’s expertise and technical ecosystem to make your idea commercially available in the shortest time. Whether you need a feasibility study, PoC or finalised product for market launch – give us the concept and we’ll do the rest for you.

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