Product Engineering

We can define your product strategy and develop your engineering capabilities, enabling you to deliver at scale.

Digital Transformation

Use our self-managed, collaborative teams alongside your key business leaders, and transform your ideas into new IP, custom digital products, insights, and automation.

Embedded Teams

Bring our expert product engineers under your management and get their support within your multi-disciplinary product, engineering, and technology teams.

Managed Services

Deploy ongoing support to operate and run services that maintain your custom products and platforms.

We combine deep sector experience with market-leading technology solutions to address your business challenges.

Product Innovation

How we help

Our cross-functional teams consist of product managers, product designers and engineering experts, who continuously discover and deliver digital products that have been validated by customers through user analytics and user testing. 

Solutions at a glance

We perform problem and solution discovery to understand your market opportunity, customer needs and solution fit. Our comprehensive approach spans the following areas:

  • Market sizing
  • Value proposition/lean canvassing
  • End-user research
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Rapid prototyping

Product and Platform Engineering

How we help

With certifications in all the major cloud platforms, we are well-placed to design, architect and deliver flexible, scalable and secure products and platforms. Using modern product engineering and architectural principles, we repeatedly deliver value to our clients and their end customers.

Solutions at a glance
  • Continuous discovery and delivery: our Product Engineering approach empowers teams to continually discover, experiment and deliver enhancements that drive user adoption and business value.
  • DevOps: our award winning DevOps team’s Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment approach enables reliable and rapid changes. We have moved our clients away from 4-6 releases per year, and helped them move to multiple releases a day, on demand.
  • Data-driven delivery: we leverage advanced data analysis and timeline simulation to remove bias and accurately predict delivery dates with certainty.
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