Transforming Product Lifecycle Management with Ciklum

Transforming Product Lifecycle Management with Ciklum

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About the client


A global sportswear brand, active in over 160 countries, partnered with Ciklum to reshape their PLM system, enhancing customer experience, driving sustainability and delivering €1.7 million in incremental value.



The Challenge

Our client, a global sportswear company, confronted a multifaceted challenge during their transition from an off-the-shelf Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system to a custom-built solution. The project's complexity was heightened by the imperative to coordinate over 200 personnel across various departments and seamlessly integrate with 38 external systems. It was also critical to ensure smooth management of the client's extensive product range and services during the transition. This demanded change management, extensive training, communication strategies, and risk mitigation. 


How We Solved The Problem

In response to the client's challenge of moving to a custom Product Lifecycle Management system, we led the transition, ensuring seamless integration with external systems and effective coordination of staff. Our approach focused on practical solutions: simplifying complex integrations, facilitating smooth change management, and providing targeted training to minimize disruption, thus directly addressing the client’s critical needs.

System Integration (1)

System Integration

Ciklum coordinated the integration with 38 external systems, demonstrating an exceptional ability to navigate the complexities of modern technology stacks.

Staff Coordination and training (1)

Staff Coordination and training

Ciklum facilitated onboarding of 200 professionals. This was based on coordination and training, including an educational portal with a program  introducing staff to a new PLM system, based on 'train the trainers' approach.

Delivery (1)

Delivery Strategy

Ciklum’s delivery strategy encompassed scope management, forecastability, transparency, and a feedback loop, all contributing to seamless data sharing and optimized project outcomes.

UXUI (1)


Ciklum crafted screen designs that won over the client's business stakeholders. Together with robust governance and satisfaction feedback mechanisms, this approach refined and aligned UX/UI design strategies.


The results

mil. EUR of incremental value created
hours saved within first 6 months
Systems Integrated
staff trained

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