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17 Jan 2017

7 Tips on How to Be Confident of Your Nearshore Team

Even though increasing numbers of companies both large and small are allowing their employees to telecommute, some are hesitant to dive into remote teams. Some executives may fear a loss of control, or assume incorrectly that good work can only be done by people in an on-site location. But a lot of...

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10 Jan 2017

10 Tech Anti-Trends For 2017

What is out, and what will be in, for 2017? The new year is an opportunity for outdated tech trends to be replaced by better, more real-world-friendly trends.   1. Agile The word Agile has been overused for the past few years, ...

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5 Jan 2017

Train Your Computer Like A Dog

We are in the midst of a major transformation. The traditional programming model gives a computer specific instructions to follow. Machine learning, which gets computers to act without explicit programming, is quickly gaining ground and forever changing how we interact with technology and the world....

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29 Dec 2016

10 Reasons Why We Love 2016

With 2017 now a reality, we reflect on what made 2016 a particularly exciting time for technology and innovation.   According to the Intern...

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