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14 Feb 2017

5 Travel Brands Using Virtual Reality Right

The travel industry is all about telling stories and making memories. Virtual reality (VR) seems like a natural fit to help travelers make memories both real and virtual. To understand the impact of this technology in travel, Statista Digital Market Outlook conducted a survey in Germany and this wh...

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8 Feb 2017

Continuous Delivery: Everything You Need To Know

Continuous Delivery (CD) is the next step in the evolution of the software development process. It draws on Agile methodologies, but surpasses it. CD is changing the way software is delivered and opening up a whole range of benefits, ranging from greater adaptability to more reliable products to imp...

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7 Feb 2017

Experience your UX – How to Conduct a UX Review by Yourself

User experience (UX) design can make or break your relationships with your customers. With the right planning, you can create memorable experiences for users that lead to loyalty. UX design makes sure that products and interfaces are user friendly and make sense. But UX is more h...

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31 Jan 2017

Explaining Blockchain to your Grandma

Blockchain will change everything. It opens up a whole realm of possibilities, making it easier to conduct transactions, all while keeping our information safe. Blockchain enables secure payments and transactions between peers – without intermediaries, and without their fees. It is the technolo...

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19 Jan 2017

BizDevOps — Real Enterprise Agility or Nonsense?

You may have heard the term “DevOps” a lot in recent months and, according to Google Trends, it seems to be on the drastic increase. But what is BizDevOps and why does your company need to know about it? Let`s make it out...

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