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19 Oct 2016

Big Data in 2017: 10 Predictions Everyone Should Read

Big data has been an emerging trend in the business world for the last few years, and as more devices are getting connected to the web, big data will only continue to grow both in influence and in size. With that in mind, Ciklum’s ...

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17 Oct 2016

Top 3 AI Devices That Make Your Life Easier

Augmented reality and machine learning are often portrayed in sci-fi TV shows and movies as being a major part of our future. If the integration of these technologies signal that we've entered a new era, we may be at the start of that journey. AI is making our lives easier each day, and it's being d...

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11 Oct 2016

Tips for a Successful IT Strategy

For company owners and managers who do not have much IT or technical knowledge, their IT Departments or needs can be confusing and daunting to manage. If a network crashes, how does IT get it up and running again? Why is it taking that long? Does it really have to cost that much to fix the problem? ...

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6 Oct 2016

9 industries using Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality, the “technology of the future,” is quickly transitioning to technology that is within our grasp. While Oculus, Sony, and HTC are putting out expensive units with exclusive content, it is becoming easier and less costly to purchase VR tech. Headsets that convert your smartphone i...

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