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15 Dec 2016

Lean or Agile – How to choose?

There are plenty of buzz words surrounding projects and development teams. Leaders will toss around phrases like “on task,” “ever adapting” and “customer first” often, no matter how the team is being managed. Agile and Lean are sometimes presented as the two sides of the same coin which ...

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8 Dec 2016

Conflict as a tool of successful delivery. Part 2

In the previous part, Ciklum's Program Manager Evgeniy Labunskiy has described the nature of conflict and which benefits it can bring to your team. Now let’s find out how you may use it for better team performance at the different team development stages. ...

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30 Nov 2016

Why Don’t The IT Pros Fear The Rise Of Robots?

Automation has proven itself to be one of the greatest and most consequential job killers of the last few decades. In a wide variety of industries, automation has replaced human labor, as robots and AI programs can process information, learn, and replicate increasingly complicated tasks. We’ve wit...

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24 Nov 2016

Conflict As a Tool of Successful Delivery. Part 1

Conflicts are like defects in Jira – it is bad when we have them, but is good that we are aware of them. When the development team works with the Jira Tracking Tool, they track issues, fix or prioritise as not important. Same goes for conflicts in the delivery team - when we are aware of “issu...

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