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13 Jul 2017

What Are the Top 10 Agile Fails?

A survey of the Scrum Alliance’s 400,000+ member group reports that 70% of Agile teams sense a tension between their departments and other departments in the company. The reason? Agile teams move at faster speeds and use different markers to record progress, often putting Agile te...

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6 Jul 2017

Future Of VR/MR: 6 Predictions For The Next 5 Years

There is no denying that Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) are changing the way we see the world. To be clear, VR is a completely immersive simulated world experience, while MR – often also referred to as Augmented Reality (AR) – overlays virtual inter...

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30 Jun 2017

Market Guide for Mobile Application Testing Services by Gartner

Mobility has become an essential part of everybody, whether it is corporate or individual. In a business world, mobile applications became the most critical channel to interact with end users and customers in a fast-growing digital economy. Mobile app testing is steadily growing in ...

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22 Jun 2017

How To Improve Your Website Security

With the WannaCry and Xdata ransomware attacks drawing headlines around the world, maintaining your website’s security is more important than ever. But new survey data by Clutch, a ratin...

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20 Jun 2017

Project Estimation: How Do You Know That It’s Correct?

Software project estimates are important. They let you offer timelines to external stakeholders, like PR and finance teams, that prepare for a roll-out based on your guidelines and help you prioritize projects so you can complete them more efficiently. But despite the importance of good estimatio...

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