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9 Nov 2016

Telehealth For Old School Guys

Medical centers, like hospitals, don't need to have the type of sophisticated, high-priced technology universities boast of in order to get involved in telehealth. Nor does a professional utilizing telehealth need to be in their twenties or thirties and have a natural knack for using smartphones for...

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7 Nov 2016

4 IT HR Challenges Affecting Your Business

For many businesses outside of the IT sector, creating and/or hiring for an IT Department can be extremely confusing. Domain Management, Development, Up-Time and VoIP can sound like a foreign language to non-technical people. Don't worry, though, because you're not alone. A significant number of sm...

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2 Nov 2016

Voice recognition – a battle of Facebook and Google

As new technologies have emerged, it sometimes seems like we’re moving further and further away from basic communication. But new technologies are going back to basics: virtual communications are now returning to harness the power of speech. Existing and emerging voice recognition software enables...

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27 Oct 2016

What are IT Pros scared of?

Just before the Halloween, we have surveyed Ciklum’s employees on their hopes & fears. The answers on “What are IT pros scared of?” by the most demanded tech specialists may surprise you. IT geeks are not afraid of the things the other human beings are normally scared of...

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24 Oct 2016

5 Things DevOps Is NOT

DevOps is a trendy concept, and like with most popular things, there are a lot of misconceptions about the purpose and function of DevOps. In brief, DevOps brings operations and development staff together with the end goal of fixing problems with applications or IT services during development, rathe...

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