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21 Dec 2012

Cool Tech Discoveries of Today That Will Rule The Future

Revolutionary Tech Discoveries of Today Just imagine the situation – you’re taking the shower while a mirror in front of you is showing the air temperature, food for breakfast available in the fridge, your time schedule for today, traffic jams on your way to the office… Sound...

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18 Dec 2012

The Rise and Fall of Online Empires: Will Facebook Survive?

Online empires in perspective When was the last time you used AltaVista? Wait, have you heard of AltaVista at all? Facebook's success makes earning billions online look easy, just like Olympic Games athletes make their craft seem effortless: years of training and countless failures usually...

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17 Dec 2012

5 Trends That Shaped the Gaming Industry in 2012

Video gaming industry markers The world video gaming industry is expected to hit 9% yearly growth through 2013, to exceed $76 billion, according to Business Insights. Innovative mobile and online gaming formats will encourage the market, wi...

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6 Dec 2012

Outsourcing Nightmares: How To Avoid Them?

CIO.Com has just published its list of outsourcing nightmares and I think some of the points mentioned are exactly where Ciklum Own Development Center model is a way to go! Below is my response to how outsourcing nightmares can be turned i...

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