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14 May 2012

The Stockware Syndrome and How It Happens

Our friends from Precursive, a UK-based company that is leveraging cloud technology with, have invented a new term that is likely to become another buzz word in the technology world some day – the Stockware Syndrome. It is basically a situation when compani...

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10 May 2012

Workshopping Our Way To Success

At risk of insulting software developers worldwide, I’d venture that when you really get down to it, software development is about manipulating and presenting information. It is not about coding or about management, but all about successful communication between peers.   The point ...

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30 Apr 2012

From Limbo to the Hall of Fame?

We're currently in a Limbo. A mobile phone Limbo to be accurate. The definition of Limbo is “the life on the edge of Hell”, or limbus partum. A more modern and, more importantly, my interpretation of it would be that current smartphones are in a state of revolution and will undergo a...

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