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9 Apr 2013

The Eastern Europe's IT Outsourcing Market: A Win-Win Game for EU

IT outsourcing market The fact that IT outsourcing landscape changes rapidly is no longer any news. Traditional locations, such as China and India, are starting to yield the positions due to the price boost in recent years and make the way to IT outsourcing companies from Central and Easte...

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26 Feb 2013

Companies Want to Sell Software to the East

The CIS market is rapidly growing and has recently become very attractive for Western European companies. Though needs to mentioned that Eastern European market can be difficult to get a foothold in - both for practical and cultural reasons. By: Karoline Spenner Kjeldsberg Translate...

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19 Feb 2013

Google Planet Smartphone Market Research 2012: EU vs USA

Smartphone Market Research is a global effort commissioned by Google and conducted by external research companies. It aims to provide sufficient insights into the current state of the global mobile market and smartphone usage trends. The 2012 research results demonstrate well how th...

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14 Feb 2013

Outsourced Software Development: Nearshore Vs Onshore

Outsourcing decision making is a complex process that includes estimating not only the benefits and risks, but also motivation factors. IT Sourcing Europe, a UK-based market intelligence company, surveyed several Western European companies last year in order to delve into reasons that keep them away...

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