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14 Jan 2014

Ciklum Expands its Global Business Operations in the USA

Ciklum Expands its Global Business Operations in the USA 1

New office on the East Coast to help meet growing demand from businesses in the USA. NEW YORK - January 14, 2014: Ciklum, one of Europe’s leading providers of software development outsourcing and IT/Agile consulting services, today announced the expansion of its global ...

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17 Oct 2013

Financial Times: Ciklum taps Ukraine's talent pool

Michal Kaczmarski | 15/10/2013 for fDi Magazine, a publication of the Financial Times Ltd. IT company Ciklum began operations with just four people in an office in Kiev. So just how did it get from there to the multimillion dollar, multinational operation i...

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20 Aug 2013

The Myths and Realities of IT Outsourcing

The Myths and Realities of IT Outsourcing 2

Outsourcing is a topic that often sparks debate, whether it’s about the quality of workers, feasibility of geographic locations or the affect on job security. With economic crises and financial bailouts occurring worldwide, many companies could benefit from outsourcing, but may be hesitant to expl...

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16 Jul 2013

Cloud Computing Techologies: Time to Transform

Cloud computing trends and transformations The recent price wars on Infrastructure-as-a-Service underlined the transformation of cloud into utility. Cloud computing has evolved significantly from the early days of Amazon Web Service (AWS) = Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) vs. Microsoft ...

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