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But Innovation is inherently risky. Ciklum R&D experts will cut your risk dramatically by examining the technical feasibility, marketability and scalability of your new product

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31st July 2018
Explaining Blockchain to your Grandma

Blockchain will change everything. It opens up a whole realm of possibilities, making it easier to conduct transactions, all while keeping our information safe. Blockchain enables secure payments and transactions between peers – without intermediaries, and without their fees. It is the technology behind the more well-known Bitcoin and other digital currencies. But its potential […]

25th April 2018
Ciklum R&D Team Builds a Bus Schedule Chatbot for Kyiv Office

The challenge: build a chatbot to help Ciklum employees in Kyiv navigate to and from Horizon Park. The majority of Ciklumers working in headquarters use the business centre shuttle buses. Employees have to keep paper cards for the shuttle bus schedule or log in to Ciklum’s internal system and dig in several pages to finally […]

5th April 2018
How Chatbots Are Changing The Digital Customer Experience

The way that businesses interact with consumers has consistently evolved with developments in technology. What was once ad men in a boardroom sketching out the next television advertisement has evolved into digital design agencies partnering with an organization’s marketing team to create immersive, personalized experiences for customers. Chatbots are the latest innovations transforming the ways […]

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Who is this for:
  • Entrepreneurs with an innovative concept but who lack the scientific and engineering skills to turn it into a real business solution
  • R&D market leaders who struggle to find resources with the right level of expertise
  • CEOs, business owners who want to gain new market share or penetrate new product areas
How it works?
  1. Your innovation cycle becomes shorter because you acquire a team of engineering professionals with 10+ years (five PhDs, two Associate Professors), performing R&D activities according to your specific requirements
  2. You get technology analysis and market forecasts before development starts
  3. To determine feasibility of your project we develop proof-of-concepts or pilots to support your product ideas roadmap to market


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