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Innovation is crucial to survival in today’s competitive markets, but Innovation is inherently risky. Ciklum’s R&D experts will cut your risk dramatically by examining the technical feasibility, marketability and scalability of your new product


  • R&D market leaders who struggle to find resources with the right level of expertise

  • Companies with successful R&D projects and who need quick team scale-up

  • Entrepreneurs with an innovative concept but who lack the scientific and engineering skills to turn it into a real business solution

  • CEOs, business owners who want to gain new market share or penetrate new product areas

  • Firms that want to develop embedded software.

WITH Ciklum R&D Team YOU GET:

Up to 30% quicker time to market

with a team of engineering professionals with 10+ years of experience (five PhDs, two Associate Professors)

Innovative development techniques

that give your product unique selling points

Up to 5%-7% revenue increase

with micro-segmentation and customised product offerings

Fresh business opportunities discovered

as our creative expert approach often exposes other discoveries during the R&D process

2x more chances to succeed with the developed product

as you get technology analysis and market forecasts before development starts

Access to greater research knowledge

with Ciklum's R&D team working as your full-time employees


  • Your innovation cycle becomes shorter because you acquire a team of engineering professionals with 10+ years (five PhDs, two Associate Professors), performing R&D activities according to your specific requirements

  • You get technology analysis and market forecasts before development starts

  • To determine feasibility of your project we develop a proof-of-concept or pilot for embedded system hardware, firmware or software.

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How R&D worked for Sensoplex

  • A fully functional POC test module that measures GSR and skin temperature has been successfully released.
  • Dual channel hardware registration module with the sensors
  • STM32 MCU firmware that allows easy connection between the measurement module and the evaluation board and simplifies data acquisition and processing