Research & Development

Innovation is crucial to survival. But Innovation is inherently risky. Ciklum R&D experts will cut your risk dramatically by examining the technical feasibility, marketability and scalability of your new product.

Internet of Things
Accelerate time to market by drawing on our solid expertise in industrial design, UX, and IoT engineering. Ciklum has Global IoT Practice in Silicon Valley and hi-tech development centres in Eastern Europe.
What we do
  • Experience Design
  • System Design
  • Hardware Prototyping
  • IoT Platforms Development
Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning
Merge the advantages of the human brain and the computer processor. We will help you use past experiences and data to provide insight and automate complex processes for your business.
What we do
  • Deep Learning, Machine Learning
  • Image & Video Processing
  • Time Series processing
  • Natural Language Processing
Blockchain Development
Ciklum experts will assist you with the Blockchain technology to automate the financial processes saving millions of dollars, and to digitize both the paperwork and the approval processes, making the supply chain process more transparent and efficient.
What we do
  • Smart contracts
  • Supply chains
Emerging Technologies
Ciklum experts will support you in providing better customer experience with online chatbots, in switching to edge computing to review data and respond to it in real-time, and in optimizing the production processes with the help of smart robots
What we do
  • Commercial UAVs (drones)
  • Virtual Assistants (bots)
  • Edge Computing
  • Smart Robots
Global NVIDIA Service Delivery Partner
Global NVIDIA Service Delivery Partner
In 2018, Ciklum has become a certified NVIDIA Service Delivery Partner for deep learning professional services. Ciklum’s achievement is the result of more than three years of successful deliveries of research and commercial projects in healthcare, insurance, agriculture, manufacturing and government. As a NVIDIA Service Delivery Partner, Ciklum engages in joint communications and customer projects and gets access to NVIDIA’s innovative products and solutions. Read more

Visit our Deep Learning page for more AI projects

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Our domain expertise
  1. Health Care & Life Sciences
  2. Retail & Consumer Goods
  3. Industrial & Agriculture
  4. Transport & Logistics
  5. Financial Services
  6. Travel & Hospitality
  1. Anton Popov
    Anton Popov
    PhD, AI/Deep Learning Technical Lead
  2. Igor Krashenyi
    Igor Krashenyi
    PhD, Research Engineer
  3. Oleg Panichev
    Oleg Panichev
    Researcher, Data Science
  4. Svitlana Dmytrieva
    Svitlana Dmytrieva
    Research Engineer
Our view on Product R&D
  1. Workshop
  2. Concept Definition
  1. UX Research
  2. Technology Selection
Proof of Concept
  1. Product Pilot
  2. Technology Validation
  1. Minimum Viable Product
  2. System Design & Roadmap
  1. Deploy & Scale
  2. Support & Maintain
Product R&D Lifecycle - Idea to Market
R&D video blog
  1. RnD Ciklum Lab - VLOG Making a Solar Battery [03]
  2. RnD Ciklum Lab VLOG Blockchain - [05]
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