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Delivering Business Value with Continuous Testing in an Agile Environment

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Automation of routine testing activities to effectively use time & resources

  • Application Readiness
  • Implementation time
  • Execution time
  • Result Consumption
  • Root-cause analysis
  • Maintenance
What we can do:
  • Automation Testing
  • Review of Existing Automation Framework and Process
  • Proof-of-Concept
  • Automation Services for Web Apps/Mobile Apps/API Testing

Verification of stability and performance of the application

  • Review current application performance to make balanced decisions about improvements
  • Identify bottlenecks that limit application performance
  • Optimize application and infrastructure performance
  • Improve performance testing processes and approaches
  • Prevent downtimes and save your reputation and revenue
What we can do:
  • Assist in defining target NFR: types, sources, conditions, values
  • Consult on setup/improvement of Performance Framework and Process
  • Proof-of-Concept for Performance/Load Framework Implementation
  • Performance Testing Education
  • Initial Cycle of Load Testing Services
  • Performance/Capacity/Stress/Endurance/Volume Testing

Searching for vulnerabilities in apps to insure they are safe and secure for users

  • Improve your reputation
  • Protect your customers from negative experiences
  • Analyse your applications for weaknesses, technical flaws or vulnerabilities
  • Reveal areas of security you need to invest in
  • Ensure that you are properly prepared for GDPR, and other data protection or privacy regulations
What we can do:
  • Penetration Testing of PCI DSS Compliance audit scope
  • Source Code Analysis
  • Secure SDLC Implementation
  • Security Education for QA Engineers and/or Developers
  • Infrastructure Security Testing
  • Web Services / API Security Testing
  • Social Engineering Attacks Security Testing

Analysis of QA Tools, Processes and Approach to suggest and implement the best practices

  • Review processes, project/product specifications
  • Support Agile Development and Agile Teams
  • Select and integrate tools in application development and maintenance
  • Assess, adjust and create test team structure, setup a test team
  • Provide expertise regarding platform testing type, technologies
What we can do:
  • Test Advisory, QA Consulting, QA Audit
  • QA Management Oversight
  • Tools Selection as a Service
  • QA Manager of Demand Services
  • Test Teams Organization from Interviewing to scaling
  • Custom Test Advisory

Thorough manual comparison of delivered products with requirements

  • Verify that tested solutions correspond to requirements, applicable quality standards
  • Prevent defects on all development phases, supported platforms and environments
  • Validate that the product meets the end-user expectations from functional and nonfunctional points of view
What we can do:
  • Test Strategy creation
  • Tool selection and configuration
  • Select applications and areas to be tested
  • Define testing types
  • Review requirements from QA side
  • Write test cases, checklists
  • Test execution
  • Defect tracking
  • Test reporting process
Testing services in numbers
projects completed
verticals covered
of clients’ costs saved
of clients’ time saved
hours team capacity per month
testing services
Our approach
QA Audit Research & Plan
~1-4 weeks
Prioritized improvements Roadmap/plan
Technical consulting
~2-8 weeks
Setup QA processes, approaches, frameworks, tools and learn
Serving Supporting Monitor & Adjust Educating
1-N months
QA maturity and full independency

Featured by Gartner and Forrester as Global Testing Services Provider

  • “Vendor Landscape: Continuous Testing Services For Agile And DevOps Environments” report

    •  – API Test Automation
    •  – Performance Testing
    •  – Mobile Testing Services
  • “Gartner Market Guide for Mobile Application Testing Services”.

    Gartner lists Ciklum as a Representative Vendor with 150 consultants dedicated to mobile application testing service.



Accelerators and Frameworks

Accelerate your time to deployment and reduce testing risks

  • Manual Functional
  • Test Advisory and Consulting
  • Test Automation
  • Load & Performance
  • Cyber Security
  • Traceability Matrix
  • Test design approach
  • Test coverage approach
  • Definition of Done format
  • Quality metrics suite
  • Vertical-specific Test Strategies
  • ISTQB-based artifacts
  • Test Approach
  • Test Plan
  • Regression Testing Report
  • Test Configurations selection
  • Test summary Sprint, Release reports
  • TMMi-based audit plans
  • Test Estimation template
  • Test Execution schedule
  • Test Case Flow diagram
  • Vertical-specific Checklists
  • Audit & Review Checklist
  • Device lab
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Automated Testing Library
  • Automated Performance Framework
  • Security Reporting System
  • Mobile devices Lib
  • Accelerators storage
  • Quality metrics suite
  • TMMi improvement model
  • TMMI, Agile, DevOps-based Test Management approach
  • Integration with Test Management systems
  • Advanced Reporting libs
  • TMMi-based audit model
  • Infrastructure as a code
  • Cloud integrations accelerators
  • Reference architecture
  • Web-, Mobile- Test Automation Architecture
  • Device lab
  • Ciklum framework-based
  • Standard Jmeter based Grafana reporting
  • Reporting portal with advanced metrics
  • Comparison of trends and metrics dashboard
  • Checkpoint service
  • Domain-Specific Language (DSL)
  • AWS environment management
  • DAST, SAST approach
  • Penetration Testing approach
  • Certification-specific security assessments approach
  • Security Project onboarding framework
  • OWASP-based education materials
  • Unified Security Assessment report
  • Advanced Reporting System

Awards & Certifications


  1. Oleksandr Maidaniuk
    Director of Quality Engineering, Global Solutions Leader
  2. Dmitry Mikula
    Head of Automation QA Unit
  3. Mariana Batiuk
    Manual QA Principal Lead
  4. Ali Huseyn Aliyev
    Senior Security QA Engineer

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