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Delivering Business Value with Continuous Testing in Agile Environment

Just ticking QA boxes is not enough - you need an effective QA process in place. Deliver a better product, shorten your time-to-market while maintaining your customer confidence with Software Testing Services by Ciklum

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22nd December 2017
Prioritizing Cybersecurity Investments: How to Spend Smart?

When you’re planning your cybersecurity protocols, it isn’t always easy to decide on what to prioritize. With new threats everyday and criminals regularly diversifying their attacks, it’s important to find a balance between detecting existing threats and preventing potential hazards. Here are five tips for building a smart cybersecurity strategy that takes both of these […]

30th June 2017
Market Guide for Mobile Application Testing Services by Gartner

Mobility has become an essential part of everybody, whether it is corporate or individual. In a business world, mobile applications became the most critical channel to interact with end users and customers in a fast-growing digital economy. Mobile app testing is steadily growing in relevance for any business that intends to be successful in the […]

19th April 2017
Vendor Landscape: Continuous Testing Services For Agile And DevOps Environments by Forrester

Nowadays, more and more customer-focused companies are striving to implement continuous software delivery to create business value faster. Development and operations (DevOps) and Agile practices are disrupting old methods of software testing to sustain the increasing demand for quality at speed. Therefore, continuous testing becomes the new standard. It goes beyond automation and encompasses all […]

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Who is this for:
  • Companies that need a QA strategy to launch high-quality software products in the shortest possible time
  • Projects that demand improved quality-related processes and strengthened software testing efforts
  • Businesses that require their products and internal networks to be protected from hostile cyber attacks
  1. Ciklum QA experts review and analyse your overall QA and development processes, and approaches, to identify gaps and areas for improvement
  2. We suggest the best practices and offer a high-efficiency toolset to achieve maximum product quality with minimal efforts
  3. We also provide continuing subsequent support