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QA & Security


Ciklum’s QA Security service ensures that your software product can resist malicious attacks. We find security weaknesses through manual review and automated testing. Our team detects security vulnerabilities and prevents attacks on your applications and on your company networks and servers.


  • Businesses wishing to find and eliminate vulnerabilities and weakness of software applications

  • Projects that require security evaluation of system resources and data against potential intruders

  • Firms that require the latest secure encryption technologies for their software application

  • Financial institutions that need effective protection for their online payment solutions

WITH QA Security Service YOU GET:

Security benchmark

We perform a security audit of your software, enabling you to make informed decisions about your future security enhancements

Regulatory compliance

Our security testing insures you against legal liabilities and penalties for having weak security measures in place

Certified professionals

Ciklum`s QA team consists of 50 experienced testing engineers who are certified in OSCP, CIPA and eWPTX. We align your corporate QA practices with the latest industry standards

QA security training and education

We evaluate your personnel and train staff for the specific needs of your projects

Reduction of costs and time loss

Software downtime caused by hacking leads to additional costs, loss of your reputation and additional costs for recovery. We protect you from such losses

Retention of customer trust

Our security testing solutions enable you to deliver a highly-secured product that satisfies your clients’ requirements for data accuracy and consumer privacy

ensure your application resists hostile cyber attacks

Prevent The Malicious Attacks Today


  • Ciklum`s security testing is based on a wide methodological base and the latest web, mobile applications and infrastructure assessment tools

  • We tailor our security testing solutions to your requirements, so that they target weak points of your software product

  • We implement penetration testing best practices to find critical vulnerabilities in your software product that could be exploited

How QA Security Service worked for Dan Domain:

  • Conducted penetration testing on the company’s payment system live environment. Provided the client with an understanding of real-world risks towards the organisation from the perspective of a cyber attacker
  • During the penetration testing phase, 23 security issues were identified and resolved
  • After the penetration testing phase, Ciklum organised a programme of security training and consulting