Drive your sales with Sales Booster

Drive-up your sales, conversions and revenue with Sales Booster, a powerful tool that facilitates real-time personalised product recommendations.

  • Powered by AI machine-learning algorithms

    Sales-Booster enables e-commerce to simply and easily create a personalised experience for clients based on real time behaviour analysis – all within your own website.

  • Improve sales whatever your industry

    Sales Booster is flexible enough to improve your online sales strategy, whatever business you’re in.

  • Acts as Personal Shopper

    Sales Booster acts as an experienced personal shopper for your clients. It knows your customer needs and interests, the right product combinations, and the right time to offer them.

  • Increases Customer Loyalty

    A simplified product choice and a more effective shopping experience, provides an excellent user experience, thereby increasing customer loyalty.

Who does it fit

  • E-commerce
  • Recruitment
  • Food delivery
  • Cashback
  • Travel and hospitality
  • Digitally native companies

What it can do for your business

Sales Booster provides state of the art, highly personalised product recommendations.

Recommendations that adjust to customer’s exclusive needs are more likely to lead users to sales conversions. So you can expect significant changes in your product metrics.

  • +90%Click Through Rate*
  • +40%Conversions*
  • +50%Revenue*
* Driven by recommendations. Based on the results of Google AI models. Actual results will vary by AI models provider selected and by retailer

How it works

Personalised product recommendations are generated by a state-of-the-art two-stage system. Neural networks and machine learning give you a deeper understanding of your customers’ requirements, product searches, views and purchase history – and the interactions between them.

Step 1
Ingest data
  • Product Catalogue – information on products sold to customers
  • User Events – end-user behaviour on your website
Step 2
Customise your recommendations
  • Select recommendation type
  • Select your objective
  • Set business rules
Step 3
Track customer touch points
  • Track customer visiting events
  • Track customer transaction events
Step 4
Deliver recommendations

Deliver recommendations at customer touch points anywhere in the customer journey – and get results

You can expect significant
improvements to meaningful metrics:

  • Increase in sales
  • Convert traffic into sales
  • Maximize customer LTV
  • Reduce churn rate with relevant suggestions
  • Transfer customers into power users
  • Increase your ROMI

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