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IoT (firmware & hardware)


The Internet of Things is the technology that makes your physical product mobile, virtual, and with instant connectivity. Ciklum’s Global IoT Practice in Silicon Valley and our hi-tech development centres in Eastern Europe have more than 10 years of experience in areas such as biomedical engineering, communication solutions, embedded development, and wearables


  • Tech companies following and implementing technology trends and innovations

  • Healthcare companies where IoT can help to save lives, prevent disease, and create new treatments through monitoring and analysis

  • Businesses that want to change their existing business model and find new sources of income

  • Manufacturers who wish to add intelligence to their products

WITH Ciklum’s IoT service YOU GET:

By 70% speed up the development

and increase productivity using smart solutions

Accelerated time to market

by drawing on our 10+ years of experience and best practices

Minimised risk

involved in developing smart, connected devices, products, and applications as our team has wide expertise in the IoT area

Cost reduction

by combining your market knowledge with our co-creation methodology


over your competitors in exploring new areas and business models

More out of your existing IT assets

as you don’t need to replace products, simply upgrade to the “smart” level


  • In stage one we provide consulting on projects related to IoT development

  • We help you manage the complexity of the project through IoT solution architecture, product development and delivery

  • We develop proof of concept to check your idea and keep down costs of the initial stages of development

add intelligence to your products with IoT

Implement my IoT Idea Today

HOW IOT worked for Yukon:

  • Developed proof of concept to transform an optical device into an IoT device by streaming video from a night-vision sight to a mobile phone
  • Held a workshop to create a user-friendly interface for the app with future potential for creating a social media network
  • Built a Minimum Viable Product, including the additional ability to connect various optical devices to the mobile app.

More clients who benefited using IoT