Intelligent Automation

We combine RPA, Artificial Intelligence and other digital technology to automate your end-to-end business processes.

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The value you get with Intelligent Automation

  • Cost reduction

    Average processing costs that could be up to 80 percent lower.

  • Enhanced staff satisfaction

    By automating routine tasks, RPA enhances staff satisfaction and allows them to focus on higher-value work.

  • Accuracy & Quality

    Manual mistakes can cause significant customer experience or regulatory problems especially in customer facing processes.

  • Scalability

    Human capacity is difficult to scale in situations where demand fluctuates, leading to backlogs or overcapacity. In contrast, robots operate at whatever speed is demanded by the work volume.

  • Audit trail

    RPA software bots execute the same processes as humans do, but the bot captures all the details of the process and stores it for later use in auditing and analytics.

  • Short go-live cycle time

    It takes six to twelve weeks to develop and deploy RPA, which is dramatically less than traditional, IT-led application integration projects.

Automation Framework

Our proven framework is designed to ensure that you can successfully navigate your automation programme.

  • Proof of Value1

    Demonstrating the value and feasibility of RPA.

  • Strategy and Operating Model2

    Defining the Centre of Excellence structure and strategic roadmap.​

  • Process Discovery3

    Developing an automation backlog in function.

  • Delivery and Build Capability4

    Delivery against backlog and capability build (Blueprint).

  • Scale5

    Scaling enterprise-wide and intelligent automation.

Powered by our Delivery capabilities:

We have deep expertise in delivering platforms using modern & robust delivery techniques

Proof of Value

  • Process identification
  • Build and test
  • Deployment readiness

Process discovery

  • Process discovery
  • Business case
  • Roadmap and plan

Delivery at scale

  • Agile PODs
  • Near- and offshore hub
  • Multi function rollout


  • In 2020, Ciklum signed a partnership with Automation Anywhere, a global leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The worldwide partnership demonstrates Ciklum’s commitment to seeing its clients’ businesses grow through digital transformation. Together Ciklum and Automation Anywhere will work with clients to deliver outstanding automation project solutions.

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