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Get multiple tiers of problem resolution, allowing urgent issues to be solved in an instance

We offer:
  • Multilingual support team of ITIL certified professionals
  • Customised support via any communications channels
  • Flexible service hours 24/7/365
  • Full transparency with centralised logging system and regular reporting
  • Fully managed service
Value you get:
  • Ability to have your local resources focus on other tasks
  • Improved response/resolve time
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Cost efficiency
  • No hassle for you

Verification of stability and performance of the application

We offer:
  • Gain stronger protection against cyberattacks
  • Get greater control over the type of data your teams can download, as well as control over system access
  • Ensure lower probability of suffering from a cyberattack caused by misinformation
Value you get:
  • Workload prioritisation
  • Reduced delays
  • Proactive ticket management
  • Improved user satisfaction
  • Automation and efficiency
  • Better service quality
  • Urgent issues solved instantly

Reduce the time-consuming burden of overseeing and coordinating the publication of website content and related assets

We offer:
  • Website content update
  • Assets localisation and roll-out
  • HTML Banners production
  • HTML Newsletters production
  • Video roll out
  • Visual QA
  • Project management
Value you get:
  • Comprehensive website content updates across a variety of content management systems
  • Existing platform localised for various markets
  • New media assets rolled out with accuracy and speed
  • Ensured high quality user experiences

Minimise downtime and give your IT staff a leg up in the war against technological threats

We offer:
  • Monitor infrastructure health, security and capacity on a clients’ environment
  • Make decisions and adjustments to ensure optimal network performance and organisational productivity
  • Create alerts (or “tickets”) that identify and categorise the issue
  • Work with technical teams to resolve the problem (and identify its root cause to prevent future issues)
Value you get:
  • Quality consistency
  • Better traffic/resource management
  • Lower cost
  • Higher Security
  • Reduced business impact through proactive approach
  • Freedom to concentrate on your core business

With our experienced team of cyber security analysts and engineers on guard 24/7/365, you and your security team are free to focus on other pressing tasks

We offer:
  • Incident Response
  • Incidents investigation
  • Security Monitoring
  • Real time monitoring
  • Proactive security assessment
  • Alert analysis and triage
  • Threat Intelligence: Strategic, Operational, Tactical
Value you get:
  • No up-front costs and Fast setup
  • Immediate protection
  • No staffing challenges
  • SIEM access and visibility
  • SIEM content, including custom content on demand
  • Case management and incident tracking
  • Keeping up to date with how to respond to the latest cyber threats

Service Launch Process

We tailor a unique solution for each customer, using industry’s best practices and guiding principles

  • 01Focus on Value
  • 02Start where you are
  • 03Progress iteratively with feedback
  • 04Collaborate and promote visibility
  • 05Think and work holistically
  • 06Keep it simple and practical
  • 07Optimise and automate
  • Service Strategy
  • Service Design
  • Service Transition
  • Service Operation
  • Continual Improvement

Powered by our Delivery capabilities:

We have deep expertise in delivering platforms using modern & robust delivery techniques

Business Requirement Elicitation

  • Agile / Waterfall / Hybrid Planning
  • Vendor Agnostic Solution

User Experience

  • User Research & Domain Research
  • Concept Story Boards, Prototype to MVP

Technology Assessment

  • Technology Stack Selection
  • Off-the-shelf Components
  • Third-Party Services


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  1. Lyudmila Andersen
    Global Solution Leader, Managed Services
  2. Vladyslav Gram
    Head of DevOps
  3. Oleksandr Maidaniuk
    Director of Quality Engineering, Global Solutions Leader
  4. Roman Mykhailyshyn
    Technical Delivery Lead
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