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Ciklum Minsk office is located in the city center; it hosts around 200 people and is a home for such development teams as Luware, Coople, Betclic, PARX, etc.  Minsk is the capital and the largest city of Belarus . Easily accessible from many European countries: Minsk International airport offers direct flights (≈1.5-2h) to Amsterdam, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hanover, Warsaw, Vienna, London, Geneva and other cities. There is 5 days visa free regime in Belarus but if needed Belarusian Visa can be easily obtained at the airport in Minsk upon arrival.

An excellent technical education system has been developed in Belarus (22 Universities that deliver about 2,000 IT specialists each year). The Belarusian government actively supports IT organizations and has established the IT-association ‘High Tech Park’ of which Ciklum Minsk is a part. It is aimed to boost the competitive power of technology-based sectors and to attract foreign investments.

Large pool of IT specialists across all technologies, with good English skills. There are more than 40 000 IT-specialists in Belarus, the majority of them residing in Minsk. The most popular technologies are Java, .Net, PHP, Ruby, Python, C/C++ There are also QA-engineers,  front-end developers (JS and etc.) Extensive and advanced mobile development market (2000+ Android/ iOS and cross-platform developers).

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Key facts about
  • Belarus takes 13th place among the 20 leading countries for IT outsourcing and high-tech services
  • Born such famous solutions as Viber and World of Tanks
  • Every year about 16,000 IT-related specialists graduate from Belarusian universities
  • Some of the World’s Top companies outsource their IT to Belarus: SAP, Google, HTC, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Siemens, Alcatel, Coca-Cola, Colgate, T-Mobile, Philips, etc.
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