Ciklum in Ukraine

Ciklum has established two office centres with more than 1,600 developers combined in Kyiv, the heart of Ukraine. “Ciklum Tower,” located at the Horizon Park Business Centre, serves as the headquarters of the Ciklum Group.

Our Gulliver office, which opened its doors in March 2014, is the second highest building and Ukraine, and is situated in the centre of Kyiv’s downtown neighbourhood. Our Kyiv offices host the teams of such Ciklum customers as Thomas Cook, Just Eat, EFG International etc.


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Designed from scratch exclusively for Ciklum, the Dnipropetrovsk office features four floors, each designed to provide work environments ideally suited for different types of development. Three terraces provide gorgeous views of the Dnipro River and the city.

Dnipropetrovsk is 390 kilometers southeast of Kyiv. It is Ukraine’s fourth-largest city, with a population of over one million.

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Kharkiv is home to one of the six Ciklum software development offices in Ukraine. Our office has been located in the heart of the city’s technology district for nine years.

Kharkiv is the second-largest city in Ukraine, with a long history as a cultural center. Over 16% of all Ukrainian programmers work in Kharkiv. Considering that Kharkiv is smaller than Kyiv, the salaries are therefore a bit lower than Kyiv, which makes the city an extremely attractive place for starting a software development project or establishing a team.

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Vinnytsia, Ukraine, is 160 kilometres West of Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, and is home to a population of nearly 400,000. A historic town, known since the Middle Ages, and a former Soviet airbase, Vinnytsia is now an industrial centre and a growing international IT outsource centre.

The Ciklum Vinnytsia office is in the middle of downtown, and was opened in September, 2010. It is a bright, open, and comfortable place for people to work. More than 90 people are representing the Ciklum team in this city working for 7 customers, who preferred to build the team in the city.

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Lviv is located in western Ukraine, with a population of 750,000. Around 15% of all Ukrainian IT employees are located in Lviv. 4,100 IT experts graduate Lviv universities every year, bringing around 20% of annual growth rate of the IT industry in the city.

Ciklum’s Lviv office, opened in 2014, is located in the heart of the city, on the fifth floor of a newly built business center. A base for six development teams for the U.S., Israeli and Danish clients.

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Opened in 2010, Ciklum’s Odessa office is in the city center, occupying the top two floors of a newly built business center. Current number of employees: 130. 14 development teams from the USA, Denmark, Germany, Israel, Norway and the Netherlands. Average team size is 7.5 people, and the largest team is 40 people.

Odessa, on the northeastern shore of the Black Sea, is Ukraine’s fourth-largest city, with a population of over 1 million.

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