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Photo exhibition showing the courage of Ukrainian Azov defenders opens in Wroclaw

June 22nd 2022
An exhibition of photos made during the siege of Ukrainian Mariupol by Russian forces opened in Browar Mieszczański. The exhibition shows the pictures by Dmytro Kozatskyi, a Ukrainian soldier who took them defending the Azovstal, a plant in Mariupol, for 84 days.

By Stanislav Sokolov, PR Lead at Ciklum

“Azovstal is the place of my death and the place of my life,” says the author of the pictures. These photos, first published on Twitter, show the incredible bravery of the Ukrainian troops protecting their country against the unjust and brutal invasion.

Pictures, showing the striking contrast between the martial industrial surroundings and human stories, dismantle Russian propaganda's efforts to depict the defence of Mariupol via its crooked narratives.


“Despite the toughest conditions, the defenders of Azovstal proved that there are feats of courage and the human spirit that cannot be erased from history. This exhibition is a great opportunity to show the other side of war, the one beyond the headlines and political statements. We’re grateful for the chance to show these photos to the Polish people, whose support and compassion in these times are invaluable and highly appreciated,” says Olga Lanova, exhibition coordinator.

The siege of Azovstal ended with an evacuation operation. Currently, its defenders are in Russian captivity, as their fate is now a topic of diplomatic negotiations.

“Visual art always has incredible power. In this case, these stunning pictures go beyond art – first and foremost, they are about people and their actions. I’m sure this exhibition will add another brick to a strong bridge between the Polish and Ukrainian people, as these events drive us even closer,” Marcin Wiktorski, Art Director at Browar Mieszczański.

The exhibition is sponsored by Ciklum, an international IT company founded in Kyiv, with delivery centers in Wroclaw and Gdansk.



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