Ciklum sites: Development centre in Belarus

September 10th 2019
Ciklum's development centre in Belarus is located in the capital city, Minsk.

Ciklum Minsk was opened in 2010. It currently is home to 200+ developers working on projects for Luware, Coople, Betclic and PARX, among others. The majority of clients are Western European and almost half of them are from Switzerland. That’s why Ciklum Minsk is called “little Switzerland”.

In 2014, Ciklum joined Belarusian High Tech Park along with the 30 largest IT companies in Belarus. The Minsk office hosts 15-20 educational events per year, which are open/free for the public. Since 2015, we have been cooperating with SOS Children’s Villages of Belarus on charity and capacity building initiatives. We have been implementing the newest trends in workspace organisation based on the Scandinavian philosophy of harmony and happiness at work. As a source for inspiration and creativity, our office environment creates a cosy atmosphere for productive work, collaboration and professional development. There are three kitchens, a shower, lounge areas, a massage room and meeting rooms. We also have a lot of fun opportunities at Ciklum like cross-cultural breakfasts, movie nights and travel clubs.

1 office and 40,000+ IT graduates annually

Our Belarus office hosts the teams for BetClic, Coople, Luware AG and PARX.

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