Ciklum sites: Development centre in Poland

August 12th 2019
Ciklum has two development centres in Poland, one in Gdansk and another in Wroclaw

The Gdansk office was opened in 2015 and already serves 11 customers from Germany, Israel and Denmark. Tricity (Polish – Trójmiasto) is an urban area located in northern Poland on the coast of the Baltic Sea, consisting of three cities: Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot. This is one of the major centres of national economic growth as well as development and cooperation in and around the Baltic Sea area.

Ciklum’s office in Wrocław is located in the Sky Tower business centre, one of the biggest buildings in Wrocław and only 10 minutes from the heart of the city. Our office has 354,17 square meters, biometric security access and futuristic-looking workplaces. Our Wroclaw office currently hosts 7 customers, e. g. AlgoTrader, Esoft Systems, Onzo, and Verint Systems.

2 offices and 70,000+ IT graduates annually

Our Polish offices host the teams for AlgoTrader, DensouAdtech, esoft, languagewire, onzo, StiboSystems, TelcoSystems and Bellin.

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