Ciklum Partners with WalkMe to Enhance Digital Adoption for Customers

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Updated On | May 11, 2024 10:46:06 AM
Publish On | Aug 28, 2023 6:55:39 AM


London - August. 31, 2023 – Ciklum, a leading Experience Engineering firm, are delighted to announce their latest partnership with WalkMe, a leading provider of digital adoption solutions, to help advance the enterprise adoption of Digital Solutions

Ciklum will leverage the WalkMe platform to support clients across all industries in maximising the success of Digital Transformation programmes by supporting and analysing the adoption of digital solutions, whilst providing valuable insights for continuous improvement initiatives.

WalkMe’s editor allows individuals to design and deploy a range of features, such as:

Change Management: Highlight new features in an application/ system following a recent release and provide a tour of these changes to users. 

User Insight: Create and leverage AI-driven analytics to assess  user behaviour and adoption of an application. Generate surveys to obtain specific insights and satisfaction scores from users. 

Onboarding & Training: Generate on-screen (click by click) guidance for users within the system/ application, reducing training and upskilling times. 

These features are compatible with any web-based digital products from ERP’s, CRM’s, Custom Applications, Intelligent Automation Applications all the way through to Analytics platforms. This enables WalkMe to become the central hub for all future digital transformation activities relating to the onboarding, upskilling, and analysing of users. 

Delivering successful digital transformation is a challenge currently faced by all enterprises. Combining the WalkMe Digital Adoption Platform and Ciklum’s vast expertise across Intelligent automation, Data & Analytics and Custom Product Development, this partnership will enable businesses to monitor the success of their digital products, identify areas for improvement and enable us to better support application users. This will not only improve the User Experience, but crucially it will maximise the ROI of Digital Solutions”, said Gourav Datta, Vice President and Global Head of Intelligent Automation, Ciklum. 

The current landscape for digital products continues to grow and evolve with the advancement of AI. In order to allow companies to fully leverage and evolve with this new technology, it is imperative that companies focus on robust change management, employee training and continuous analysing of these solutions to set the foundation for success. Our Partnership with WalkMe will allow us to deliver a modern, data-driven mechanism for achieving this which is sure to add substantial value to our clients as they embark on their digital transformation journeys.” said Adam Clayton, Digital Adoption Expert, Ciklum.

We are delighted to be partnering with Ciklum to help our clients solve their most complex business challenges. WalkMe has many natural synergies with Ciklum, in particular the Intelligent Automation practice that  allows clients to transform and reimagine their business processes. By working in close collaboration, we will help users to fully embrace the rapidly evolving, AI driven, digital landscape that we live in today. A recent IDC study* states  that  WalkMe delivers a 494% 3-year ROI. Our alliance with Ciklum will quickly bring these amazing benefits to many more of our clients,” said Jim Nairn, Senior Vice President of Strategic Alliances, WalkMe

About Ciklum

Ciklum is the only Experience Engineering firm that stands at the forefront of innovation, blending next-generation product engineering, exceptional customer experiences, and cutting-edge AI. We revolutionise the way people live by developing groundbreaking technologies that reimagine, reshape, and redefine the future.

For more than two decades, we’ve been a trusted partner to both global enterprises and digital disruptors spearheading the creation of digital solutions that not only tackle complex corporate challenges but also propel businesses toward accelerated growth and success.

About WalkMe

WalkMe's cloud-based digital adoption platform enables organisations to measure, drive and act to ultimately accelerate their digital transformations and better realise the value of their software investments. Our platform leverages proprietary technology to provide visibility to an organisation's Chief Information Officer and business leaders, while improving user experience, productivity and efficiency for employees and customers. Alongside walkthroughs and third-party integration capabilities, our platform can be customised to fit an organisation's needs.

*Source: IDC White Paper, sponsored by WalkMe, IDC White Paper: The Business Value of WalkMe, IDC #US50860123, June 2023

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