iGaming platform development: Staying ahead of regulation

On demand panel webinar

Dario Arruda
Co-Founder & CEO at The Mill Adventure
Keith Camilleri
Co-Founder & CEO at Billa Marketing
Eriks Petersons
Digital Transformation Director at Ciklum

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About this webinar

Relentless tightening of regulation across the iGaming industry means operators and platform providers must continually balance innovation and speed to market - ensuring player safety and platform compliance.

With more regulatory changes on the horizon, it’s vital that gaming operators and vendors can adapt their technology platforms to stay a step ahead. 

In this virtual roundtable, our expert panel explored the key areas that will enable iGaming companies to be more agile in the face of regulatory change.

This webinar is suited to:

  • Individuals wanting to understand upcoming regulatory changes within the iGaming sector and how gaming operators and vendors can stay ahead of the curve.
  • iGaming companies looking to become agile in the face of regulatory change.

What you’ll learn

  • Embracing an agile mindset across the whole business
  • Implementing the right underlying architecture
  • The benefits of a cloud infrastructure
  • The use of modern data platforms and AI/ML to support compliance
  • Adopting a continuous delivery and integration approach