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Your complete R&D guide for Bulgaria & Poland

On-demand webinar

Neil Cohen Ringel
Host and Director of Account Management at Ciklum, Israel
Ievgen Grinik
General Manager at Ciklum, Bulgaria
Olga Kuraksa
General Manager at Ciklum, Poland

Your complete R&D guide for Bulgaria & Poland

It can be quite a challenge to seek out good developers to scale your team and stay ahead of delivery demands. Adding to this, start-ups and fast-growing companies are continually looking to extend their runway, meaning budgets are tighter than ever.

Bulgaria and Poland are becoming a very common and popular alternative for many Israeli companies, now the most opportune markets alongside Ukraine. So whether this is your first time investigating offshore solutions, or if you’re debating scaling your team into a different location, this on-demand webinar covers:


  • A market overview & best practices for R&D services 
  • The main tech hub locations in Bulgaria & Poland
  • Common technologies and the talent pool
  • The cultural differences 
  • A benchmark between Bulgaria & Poland Vs. Ukraine (the biggest Offshore hub)

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