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Ciklum sites: Development centre in Pakistan

August 12th 2019
Ciklum's development centre in Pakistan is located in heart of Islamabad.
In the centre of Islamabad, Ciklum's Pakistan office currently hosts around 150 IT specialists with strong expertise in Java, .NET and Mobile Solutions. With a population of 1 million, Islamabad has a very business-friendly environment with a lot of professional forums for networking. Islamabad hosts one of the largest software incubators in the country at the National University of Sciences and Technology. Ciklum Pakistan works with a number of Scandinavian and UAE customers to drive rapid growth, deliver high performance, and build capabilities.

1 office and 10,000+ IT graduates annually

Why Ciklum Pakistan?

  • 150+ resources working for different clients in Scandinavia and UAE region
  • Ciklum Pakistan teams are a part of Ciklum Global Delivery Model
  • Strong Java, .NET and Mobile Solutions development consultants available in quick mobilisation time
  • Incubation Program with fresh graduates where we train them in the required technical stacks
  • Strong portfolio of delivering custom applications, web portals, CMS systems, mobile applications and enterprise integrations
  • Extensive experience of working with Technology Startups, Enterprise Organisations and Government Institutions


Our Pakistan teams work on projects for EXCEED IT Services, Matas and Salling Group.

Interesting in talking with us? Get in touch with us and we'll make sure we reply to you as soon as we can.

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