Scaling your business to stand out from the crowd

Our Fast Growth Team specialises in helping start-ups and scale-ups continue to move at pace. From discovering and building new products to improving existing applications, our product engineering, technology and development expertise will keep you on track to achieve your growth objectives.


A service launch to suit you.

When you start working with Ciklum, we look to quickly determine which of our two methodologies works best for you:
01. The problem-led approach

This approach is for teams who are responding to any number of business challenges, from changing regulation and competitive threats to new consumer trends and challenges in their value chain.

We bring founders, CTOs, and engineering heads together with our experts to understand the problem, determine the best solution, and get to work on it collaboratively. This includes working out which products would be the best fit to help you achieve your goals in the context of your specific circumstances.

02. The solution-led approach

This approach is for businesses who know their problem, and how they can solve it, but they might need help architecting, designing or simply resourcing a team to build that solution.

Our experts bring together the right individuals to tackle each problem. Leveraging market-leading tools, platforms and methodologies, our teams deliver experiences users love whilst bringing full transparency to the development process and minimising delivery risk.