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Just Eat

Just Eat plc is the world’s leading online takeaway ordering service, operating in 13 countries around the globe. More than 36,000 takeaway restaurants have signed up use Just Eat’s robust technology platform and offer an efficient online ordering service.
Just Eat needed to augmented its core London team, to scale effectively without defocusing its UK Engineering team from the evolution of its core products and platform.


Ciklum has provided its Extended Team engagement model, which is different from the traditional outsourcing approach and means Just Eat leads the team, rather than just managing a supplier.

For London-based Just Eat, Ukraine was the optimal balance of time zone, travel time, availability of engineering talent and value. The Kyiv labour market supports the technical skills required for the customer and it is close enough to London to make frequent trips simple and cost effective.



  • Just Eat has managed to maintain the focus of the core UK team
  • Since November 2012, Just Eat has achieved the necessary confidence to grow the team from 7 to 23 people
  • Flat fee per developer promotes an effective, transparent commercial relationship with Ciklum as provider
  • Extended Team is used for supporting and migrating acquisitions, and efficiently internationalising web and mobile apps
  • Ciklum’s thriving client community has helped the Just Eat team with regular exchange of ideas and experience with like-minded people facing and solving similar problems.


“Our team in Kyiv are personally committed to the success of Just Eat. They have great domain knowledge and are familiar with our tools and processes. Critically, the team is aligned to our global purpose and company values – a vital ingredient for an effective, long term collaboration”
Jim Beattie, Director of International Engineering

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