Ciklum and RoBUTCHER partner to revolutionize the food industry with innovative AI solutions

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Updated On | May 13, 2024 7:59:54 AM
Publish On | May 1, 2023 3:24:48 PM
Ciklum, a leading global digital solutions company, has partnered with RoBUTCHER, an EU-funded research project, to revolutionize the food industry using cutting-edge artificial intelligence solutions.
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This innovative partnership aims to introduce ethical and ecological values into food processing by offering automation accessibility, scalability, and flexibility to meet changing production volumes and market demands. By creating AI-assisted Factory Cells, this initiative envisions a revolutionary change of the entire food system towards a more ethical and sustainable approach to food processing.

An AI and data-driven approach to food processing will also provide opportunities to address workplace health and safety issues, enhance processing efficiency, maximize yield and labor use, develop objective quality measurement technologies, achieve broader business efficiencies, and reduce the industry's carbon footprint.

“As we see after three years of  research and development, the most important result is that AI is capable of mastering very complex tasks. I am grateful to my colleagues from the AI/Deep Learning team for their enthusiasm, devotion, and hard work which made this happen. At Ciklum, we are proud to be part of the global team to make the RoBUTCHER vision a reality,” says Anton Popov, Ph.D., AI/Deep Learning technical lead at Ciklum.

“The goal was to create a system that is robust, flexible and scalable, regardless of production volume,” says Alex Mason, Project Coordinator at RoBUTCHER.

He believes that RoBUTCHER can be an alternative to today's centralized food production because it can make automation profitable for smaller farms and producers.

“There are many disadvantages to the old way of production. The new method offers more local, short-distance production, less transport and lower carbon footprint,” he explains.


The partnership with RoBUTCHER demonstrates Ciklum's unwavering dedication to providing innovative solutions that will lead to a more ethical and sustainable approach to food processing.

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