April 26, 2016

The New Personalization: Going Further than Hello, %FirstName%

The New Personalization: Going Further than Hello, %FirstName%

If you’ve ever worked with anyone in marketing, you know that marketers love the personalization, be it simply adding the first name to the top of an email, or adding in specific sections of a newsletter based on the recipients industry. No matter if it is in an email, web page, or within an app, giving a user’s experience a personal touch sets your offering(s) a notch above those that do not. In fact, a recent survey showed that 56% of users would be more likely to use a retailer or a service if it offered a personalized experience. But why? What about personalization make it important to marketers and welcomed by end users?


“The Internet of Me”

We’ve all heard the phrase “The Internet of Things”, or IoT for short. This is the idea that physical objects, rather than digital objects, are now connected to the web. The Internet of Me is the idea that these objects, both digital and physical, can be personalized and customized for each individual user’s experience. Think about everyone’s personal computer or their smartphone; there are a number of personalizations that make these devices theirs. A custom wallpaper, the programs or apps that are installed, and what text is used as a default, all give these devices a personal feel.

Now consider expanding this to a user’s entire internet experience. How a user could feel welcomed by their bank’s homepage, or how they can customize a daily email newsletter to show them only the articles they are interested in. This is how personalization could not only entice users to choose a retailer or service but could lock them in and keep them as a customer for quite a long time.


Going Further Than a Welcome Message

Having your name displayed at the top of a web page is a nice touch, but things like that are nearly expected at this point. Deeper personalization is now required for customer retention as shown by Janrain & Harris Interactive, which finds that “74% of online consumers get frustrated when content appears (e.g. offers, ads, promotions) that has nothing to do with their interests.” With so many apps, websites, and services available that offer very similar options for users, this type of frustration can easily drive customers away from one platform and towards a competitor.


So What Can I Do?

To improve your own platform, consider what your competitors are doing, as well as what the optimal experience would be like for your end user. What types of customization would allow your website or app to stand out?

  • Basic Personalization: Adding a “Welcome” message to users, providing their name and/or email address is a great place to start. Allowing users to set the page they visit first is also a simple, yet effective customization. It would not require sufficient investment from your side, but would give a feeling of care to your users.
  • Mid-Level Personalization: Allowing users to customize their background image(s), style, and important information displayed would be more advanced. These personalization techniques would give a website or app a very customized and personalized feel. The abandoned cart messages, recommended relevant products for returning visitor and live or emulated chat with an expert are already must-have personalisation tools for a successful e-Commerce business.
  • Advanced Personalization: fully customize the landing page, so everything your users need is all on one screen, or allow users playing with open source materials to change the entire look and feel of an app or website. Use data management and analytics tools, create your customer profile (buying history, click behaviour, purchase channels, etc.), group profiles into personas and tailor all interactions with your users to create fully personalized user experience and increase your sales.

Personalization wants to roam free. The respondents of recent Certona’s survey told which channels they were personalizing and what they were personalizing in them. What we can see is a growing trend of personalization in all customer touch points. Resource:

If you want to introduce more personalization into your own website, app or internet experience, feel free to contact Ciklum. Our Web, UX/UI, and Data Management experience will help ensure that the personalization of your business stands out from the crowd.


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